Waterfalls in Colorado

On September 3, 2007, I completed my goal to find and photograph at least one waterfall in all 50 states when I photographed waterfalls in Alaska. Below are the waterfalls I photographed in Colorado, and below those are photos others have sent me.

Photos I have taken:

Adams Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park

Agnes Vail Falls - South of Buena Vista

Alberta Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park

Bridal Veil Falls - Idaho Springs (More Bridal Veil Falls)

Boulder Falls - Boulder Canyon, West of Boulder

Calypso Cascades - Rocky Mountain National Park

Camp Creek Falls - Wolf Creek Pass

Catamount Creek Falls - Green Mountain, West of Colorado Springs

Chasm Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park

Cherry Creek (Castlewood) Falls - Castlewood State Recreation Area

Clear Creek Falls - Clear Creek Canyon

Continental Falls - Southwest of Breckenridge

Copeland Lower Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park

Copeland Upper Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park

Helen Hunt Falls - Colorado Springs

Hi-Grade Falls - Deer Creek Canyon

Horseshoe Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park

Maxwell Falls - South of Evergreen

Ouzel Falls - Rocky Mountain National Park

Seven Falls - Colorado Springs

Silver Cascade Falls - Colorado Springs

Treasure Falls - Wolf Creek Pass

Unknown Falls - Berthold Pass

Unknown Falls - Clear Creek

Unknown Falls - Guenella Pass

Unknown Falls - Wolf Creek Pass

Unnamed Falls - Clear Creek Canyon

Photos taken by others:

Bridal Veil Falls

Cascade Falls

Hanging Lake Falls

Mossy Green Falls - Cimmaron River Valley

Unknown Falls #1

Unknown Falls #2

Unknown Falls Near South Mineral Campground - Silverton

Whitmore Falls

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