Colorado Waterfalls

Colorado Waterfalls 1997-1998

Colorado Waterfalls December 1999

I took some trips to Colorado in 1997-1998 and took some photos of waterfalls around the Denver area. You can click on the thumbnail pictures to get a larger picture.

Unknown Falls

Berthold Pass

The first two are waterfalls along US 40 west of Denver. The first waterfall is on the south side of Berthold Pass, east of the Continental Divide. You can see the bridge from the old highway in the center of the picture.

The next waterfall was along the same highway on the north side of Berthold Pass.


Clear Creek

The next two waterfalls are on Clear Creek between Georgetown and Silver Plume. I took them from the steam train when we took the train ride between the two towns.


Guenella Pass

The next waterfall is on the north side of Guenella Pass, which we took from Georgetown back to Denver.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The rest of the waterfalls are in the Rocky Mountain National Park, in the southeast corner of the park. We took route 7 north from Boulder just past Allenspark, and then took the gravel road in to the Wild Basin Trailhead and the ranger station located there. We then took the trail along the North St. Vrain Creek to the falls.

Lower Copeland Fall

Upper Copeland Fall

The first two waterfalls were about .3 miles along the trail. The first is the Lower Copeland Fall and the next is the Upper Copeland Fall.

The next two photos show the water tumbling down the rocks along the trail as we continued west and upstream from the Copeland Falls.

Calypso Cascades

The next waterfall is the Calypso Cascades, which is about 1.8 miles along the trail.

Ouzel Falls

The last three pictures are of Ouzel Falls, which are 2.7 miles along the trail. This was a great waterfall, and well worth the 2.7 mile hike to get to it. For the first two pictures of Ouzel Falls I walked up the trail a little to get closer to the top of the falls.

For the last picture, I was down on the bridge to get the full view of the falls.

It took us just over one hour to walk back out from the waterfall to the Ranger Station at the start of the trail. I didn't time us going in, but it took longer because it was mostly uphill and I stopped more to take pictures. The trail was well marked and fairly easy walking most of the time. Although it was mostly uphill going in, it was not overly strenuous. There were many families walking along the trail.

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