Horseshoe Falls

Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Drop: 250 feet change in elevation

Water Source: Roaring Fork

Directions: Take US 34 west from Estes Park into the Rocky Mountain National Park on Fall River Road. The falls is visible from the road on the right between the Aspen Glen Camp Ground and Chasm Falls.

Notes: I visited Horseshoe Falls on August 8, 2004. There is a parking area near the falls, and paved trails up to them. According to Waterfalls of Colorado by Marc Conly, "Horseshoe Falls was buried under rocks and mud by a flood in July, 1982, when the Lawn Lake Dam burst. The pent-up water scoured the Roaring River valley like an army (a big army) of bulldozers. The course of the river is still very steep, cutting over a hundred feet deep in places, but the falls is now merely a steep but not particularly photogenic cascade down the scar of the flood."


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