Continental Falls

Location: Southwest of Breckenridge, Colorado

Drop: Series of cascades elevation change 660 feet

Water Source: Spruce Creek

Directions: Take Rt. 9 south from Breckenridge for about 1.5 miles to the Goose Pasture Tarn on the east side of the road. Oposite that is a dirt road; take that road (Spruce Creek Road) 3.1 miles to the end.

Notes: I visited Continental Falls on August 7, 2004. At the end of the road the trail goes up an old four-wheel drive road for about 1/2 mile. There are signs for the trail to the lower part of the falls or the upper part, but you can also climb the rocks near the falls to see other cascades. There is an old abandoned cabin and remains of mining in the area of the falls.

The first photo is of the falls from a distance along the trail. The next four photos were taken near the creek as I continued to climb higher. The last photo was back at the starting place; it was starting to rain. Shortly after that, it hailed.


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