Catamount Creek Falls

Location: Green Mountain Falls, between Manitou Springs and Woodland Park, Colorado

Drop: 200 foot change in elevation

Water Source: Catamount Creek or Crystal Creek??

Directions: From US 24 about 6 miles north of Manitou Springs west of Colorado Springs, take either the north or south exit for Green Mountain and take Ute Avenue, which is the main street through town. From Ute Avenue take Belvedere Avenue and follow .8 mile up the hill to the gate off to the left shown in the last photo. Park down the hill where there are not no-parking signs and walk back to the gate and through it up the road about .25 mile to the bridge. On the near side of the bridge is the trail up the hill along the creek.

Notes: I visited Catamount Creek Falls on November 15, 2004. The trail to the falls is well marked but rocky and steep in places. I didn't go all the way to the top. I followed the blue dots, but then took the yellow dots, so I'm not sure if this was Catamount Creek or Crystal Creek?? I turned back where it appeared the yellow trail ended at the creek.


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