Silver Cascade Falls

Location: West of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Drop: 200 feet

Directions: From I-25 take exit 141 (Manitou Springs) near Colorado Springs and turn left on 8th Street to Cheyenne Boulevard. Stay on Cheyenne Boulevard past the turnoff to Seven Falls and continue into Cheyenne Canyon Park on the paved drive to Helen Hunt Falls. There is a path to stairs above Helen Hunt Falls that lead to more cascades and to Silver Cascade Falls. Or take Gold Camp Road, above, to a turnout where you can walk down to the falls.

Notes: I visited Silver Cascade Falls on March 24, 2004. I walked up from Helen Hunt Falls. It was a rainy day, but the walk wasn't too bad.

The first photo shows some of the cascades on the way up the hill to the top of Silver Cascade Falls. For the second picture, I crossed over the falls to the other side and took the photo near the top of the falls, which was just a thin layer of water sliding down the rock. The third and fourth photos show part of the falls from the trail back down along the side of the falls. There was no place to get a picture of the entire falls, because it just slid down the length of the long slanted rock. The fifth photo shows an interesting jump in the water. The last photo shows a pussy willow opening near the falls.


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