Winter Waterfalls

I have a few pictures of waterfalls taken in the winter. Here they are:

Övre Fjätfallen - River Fjätälven, Sweden

Bridal Veil Falls - Idaho Springs, Colorado

Seven Falls - Colorado Springs, Colorado (See summer views of Seven Falls)

Ricketts Glen - Pennsylvania - Falls across the road from the lower parking lot before the trail throughout the glen.

Warner Falls - Palmer, Upper Michigan - View from MI 95 about 1/2 mile south of the IGA in Palmer, taken from the bridge. The falls are along the right shore.

Douglas Houghton Falls - Here are two photos of the Douglas Houghton falls near Houghton in Upper Michigan (see more information and another, non-winter picture of the Douglas Houghton Falls) taken a few years ago when my son John and I were looking for waterfalls: Douglas Houghton Falls Photo 1, Douglas Houghton Falls Photo 2. The last photo is of an unusual ice formation in Hammell Creek near the falls: Ice Formation near Douglas Houghton Falls.

My son, John, and I went to look for waterfalls around Houghton one winter. John brought his skis to use part of the time (see a picture of John on skis) and then we both used snowshoes to get to the falls (see John on snowshoes near Hungarian Falls). That was the first time I ever used snowshoes, and it was not easy to walk in them! When I find my photo of Hungarian Falls from that trip I will add it to this page.

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