Camp Creek Falls

Location: Wolf Creek Pass, between Pagosa Springs and Alpine, Mineral County, Colorado

Drop: 25 foot drop

Water Source: Camp Creek

Directions: Go north on US 160 from Pagosa Springs toward Wolf Creek Pass. Camp Creek is about 3-4 miles north of Treasure Falls. The falls is visible from the highway as you approach it; but not from the road when you get closer to it. At the truck runaway ramp on the left, pull off the highway just ahead to the right and walk back up the ramp a little to view the falls.

Notes: I visited Camp Creek Falls on August 10, 2004. The lower part of the falls in the first photo was visible first, and by walking farther up the ramp the main part of the falls was visible as in the second photo. The view of the ramp from where I parked off the road is shown in the third photo.


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