Seven Falls

(See more photos below)

Location: West of Colorado Springs, Colorado

Drop: 266 feet

Directions: From I-25 take exit 141 (Manitou Springs) near Colorado Springs and turn left on 8th Street to Cheyenne Boulevard. Stay on Cheyenne Boulevard, then bear right to the turnoff to Seven Falls. There are many signs along the way.

Notes: I visited Seven Falls several times, the most recent being March 24, 2004, which is when I took the photos above and below. From the parking area it is just a short walk to the bottom of the falls. You can walk up the 224 steps to the top of the falls, or you can ride up in an elevator to a viewing platform to get a view of the total falls, shown in the last photo above. Each of the seven individual leaps has a name, which is placed on the rail as you climb the steps along with an explanation of why it was given that name. Below are each of the signs and the falls starting from the top and working down.

Ramona Falls

Feather Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Shorty Falls

Hull Falls

Weimer Falls

Hill Falls

Here are links to some photos of Seven Falls taken in the winter:

  • View I - All seven falls taken from viewing area at the top of the elevator
  • View II - View of the first fall from the base of the falls
  • View III - Smaller fall downstream from the seven falls

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