Agnes Vaille Falls

Trail: .5 miles
Size: 75 feet
Location: 8.3 miles south of Buena Vista between Mount Princeton and Mount Antero




While in Colorado in December 1999, my husband, son, and I took a trip to see Angnes Vaille Falls. From Buena Vista we went 8 miles south on 285 to Nahrop, and then another .3 miles south to County Road 162. We went west on 162 between Mount Princeton and Mount Antero. There was a turnout opposite the Chalk Creek Campground. From the turnout, the .5 mile trail to the falls was marked. The trail was not too difficult. The falls were ice, but near the top of them we could see the water flowing beneath the ice.


Below are some photos of our trip to the falls. You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photo.

On our way to find the falls, we stopped at a scenic lookout and saw Mount Antero, Mount Princeton, Mount Yale, and Mount Columbia, all 14ers. The peaks of Mount Yale were in the clouds, so they are not visible in my photo.

Mount Antero - - - Mount Princeton

Mount Yale - - - Mount Columbia


When we entered the parking area for the falls, there were some sheep in the field. Then, on the walk to and from the falls, we saw some deer.

While at the falls, my son John climbed the rocks. Below are some photos of him as he climbed. In the first photo, John is on the rocks at the left of the photo.

Before leaving the falls, I took a photo of John with Mount Antero in the background.

When we returned to the road to leave the falls area, we looked up and could see the falls in the distance. The falls are the white spot a little below the center of the photo below, just above the lower group of trees. That is Mount Princeton in the distance.

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