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I've had many e-mails from people wanting to know where they can buy Little Lulu merchandise. On this page I will be putting all of the information that I have. Most of this site contains Little Lulu memorabilia that is part of my personal collection and is not for sale.

Little Lulu merchandise currently being produced and where you can purchase them.

Dark Horse Little Lulu Comic Reprints YOW!! New reprints of the Little Lulu comics!!! Just out!!!

Little Lulu Greeting Cards You can buy these through this web site!

Little Lulu Doll by Eden Check out the new 8" Lulu and Tubby dolls!

Little Lulu Joke Book

The Little Lulu Show: Bogeyman Video

The Little Lulu Show: Potato Kids Video

Handmade Little Lulu Doll

Copy of Old Pattern for Little Lulu Doll

Copy of Old Pattern for Little Lulu Dishtowels

Rand McNally Book "Little Lulu"


Little Lulu merchandise no longer being produced and where you can purchase them. (Still Under Cosntruction)

Little Lulu Library

Little Lulu Comics

Little Lulu Memorabilia

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Rand McNally Little Lulu Book

I have a copy of the Little Lulu yellow hard cover book copyright 1936 with Lulu knitting and a goat holding the yarn on its horns.  The book is in fair to good condition.  You have it on your web site.  Any collectors looking for this book please contact me at dricketts@countryvintner .com.  Thanks

You may see what another of these books looks like at http://michelesworld.net/dmm2/lulu/rand.htm