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The Little Lulu Library, published by Another Rainbow Publishing Company, Scottsdale, Arizona, includes six sets of books which contain a reprint of the first Little Lulu comics through issue 87 along with a variety of articles about Little Lulu and her creators. The sets were published in reverse order, with VI in 1985 and I in 1992. Each of the six sets contains three volumes, each with about six comics. The comics are printed in black and white; however, the covers are printed in full color. The books are about 9" by 12", with the pages being larger than the original comic book pages.

I have had numerous requests for information about the availability of The Little Lulu Library. One individual contacted the publisher and was told they do not have any and do not plan to reprint it. No one that I know has had any luck finding all six sets for sale in one place. However, individual sets are occasionally available on online auctions such as E-bay ( or at other online sellers of comic books or used books.

Following are the front covers of each of the six sets and the three volumes within. The front cover of each volume is the cover of one of the comics within it. You may click on the thumbnails to see a larger image.

Set I 1945-1947 Published 1992

Volume 1: Four Color 74, 97, 110, 115
Volume 2: Four Color 120, 131, 139, 146, 158
Volume 3: Four Color 165, 1-5


Set II 1948-1950 Published 1991

Volume 4: 6-11
Volume 5: 12-17
Volume 6: 18-21


Set III 1950-1951 Published 1989

Volume 7: 22-26
Volume 8: 27-31
Volume 9: 32-36


Set IV 1951-1952 Published 1987

Volume 10: 37-41
Volume 11: 42-48
Volume 12: 49-53


Set V 1952-1954 Published 1986

Volume 13: 54-57
Volume 14: 58-62
Volume 15: 63-67


Set VI 1954-1955 Published 1985

Volume 16: 68-73
Volume 17: 74-80
Volume 18: 81-87



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