Copy of Old (1948) Pattern for Handmade Little Lulu Doll

This is a copy of an old pattern for a Little Lulu doll. Kathy wrote: "When I found an original Little Lulu doll pattern, I was so excited to make one, then realized I had an original uncut pattern, and couldn't bring myself to ruin it's originality, so I sold it on eBay. But first I devised a way to have a pattern for myself, then realized that others would want one, too. I copied the four pages of instructions on two sheets, just like the original, I also copied the face transfer, and used a transfer pen so that it can be used up to 3 or 4 times, then will just need re-inking with a transfer pen. The pattern was on such a large sheet, that I compacted it to one sheet and found a place that makes HUGE copies. I also exactly duplicated the envelope with some ingenuity. So you will get an exact copy of the original pattern, complete with a transferable face decal, and an envelope with the original color picture. The doll looks so easy to make in the instructions that it should be a great bazaar item. " If interested, you may contact Kathy at .

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