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My Background With Little Lulu

I remember reading Little Lulu comics as a child. My sisters and I would take our allowance on Saturday morning and go to the little drug store a few blocks from our home, buy a bottle of pop for 5 cents (that will date me), and sit on the magazine rack reading comic books. We never bought the comics; we just read them.

I can't believe Mr. Burns would let us do that! We were quiet, would move our feet when he tried to sweep the floor in front of the magazine rack, and would get up when any adult came to look for a magazine.

I remember that I was always thrilled when there was a new Little Lulu comic, because that was my favorite. There was just something about Little Lulu.

I have been collecting Little Lulu comics since the mid-80's. The fellow at the comic book store would keep a list of what I had and try to get new ones for me when he went to shows. I have quite a few, but was glad to get the comics through 97 in the bound books The Little Lulu Library, because I was having trouble finding any that I didn't have.

I also have some of the old movies from the late 1930's and 1940's on video, and some of the newer cartoons that my daughter taped for me from TV. I have a few of the old Saturday Evening Post magazines with the Little Lulu cartoons that were the beginning of the Little Lulu character. My daughter found me a little child's coin purse, a bank, and a set of colorforms (do you know what they are - it's like a Little Lulu paper doll with plastic clothes that stick to her).

I have two Little Lulu rag dolls. My sister found one for me at a craft show, and I found the other at another craft show. I also have a few old valentines with Little Lulu on them, and a tablecloth and paper napkin. My sister also decorated a sweatshirt for me with a Little Lulu looking at a frog, because I also collect frogs. Once I saw a book of Little Lulu paper dolls but I didn't get it at the time, and I have never been able to find it again. I could have kicked myself for not getting it when I first saw it!

I like to read the Little Lulu comics as my bedtime reading, because they are so relaxing.

Please note: This was written when I first created my Little Lulu web in October 1997. Since then, I have acquired a lot of Little Lulu comics and memorabilia (including the Little Lulu paper dolls that I passed up years ago) that you can see displayed on this site. I decided not to change the above, because it shows where I started with my Little Lulu collection.

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