Little Lulu Development

Saturday Evening Post
Little Lulu was the creation of Marjorie Henderson Buell and started as a single-panel cartoon in the Saturday Evening Post February 23, 1935. The cartoon appeared weekly through 1945. This Little Lulu seemed to frequently get into trouble with adults. She was rather angular, with long thin legs.
Cartoon Movies
Little Lulu was made into cartoon movies in the late 1930's and early 1940's. These cartoons were based on the Saturday Evening Post character.
Comic Book
In 1945 Little Lulu became a comic book, first appearing in Four Color 74. After 10 Four Color issues, Little Lulu comics began on a regular schedule, coming out every two mionths. During this time Marge maintained control of the Little Lulu character, but the comic book author was John Stanle and Irving Tripp the artist for many years. While Little Lulu was a comic book character, she changed over the years from the angular little girl who gave adults difficulty to the rounder little girl I grew up to love. She no longer misbehaved as she did in the early comics; she gave the boys difficulty instead as she continually outwitted them when they tried to harrass her and the other girls.
Newspaper Cartoon
Little Lulu became a newspaper cartoon, first appearing in the Chicago Tribune/New York Sundicate on June 5, 1950. In late 1949 and early 1950 12 panels of single cartoons were drawn for the newspaper, but they never appeared. The cartoons that began in June, 1950, were multi-panel cartoons. The artist of these panels is unknown.
Little Lulu became the spokesgirl for Kleenex Tissues, a position she held for 16 years. She also apeared in advertisements for other products. Little Lulu products were popular and quite varied.
TV Cartoons
Little Lulu became a cartoon for TV. The character in these cartoons resembles the Little Lulu of the later comic books, rather than the Saturday Evening Post character that appeared in the early movies, but is even more grown up and modern.

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