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Here are some links to sites related to Little Lulu (and Tubby):

Little Lulu Comic Book Information: This site by Jon Merrill includes information about The Stanley Steamer fanzine and an article about the first four issues of Little Lulu comics. See also for Jon's Little Lulu Index Part I and for Little Lulu Index Part II, in which he provides an index of all the stories in the Little Lulu comics from FC 74 (June 1945) through LL 114 (December 1957). See also for an index of all the stories in the Tubby comics from FC 381 (May 1952) through T 49 (December 1961).


Tubby Comic Book Information:

See for Jon Merril's index of all the stories in the Tubby comics from FC 381 (May 1952) through T 49 (December 1961). 


Looking for Little Lulu Items? Try These Sites: This is the site for Ebay Auction, where I bought most of my Little Lulu items. On the first page, search for: little lulu to get a list of about 250 Little Lulu items for sale. This is the site for Things From Another World, where you can buy the new reprints of Little Lulu comics in paperback form. Just search for: little lulu on the first page.

Little Lulu Greeting Cards You may purchase Little Lulu greeting cards by Heavy Productions from this page.


Other Lulu Related Sites: This site is for Friends of Lulu, which describes itself as follows: "Friends of Lulu is a national organization whose main purpose is to promote and encourage female readership and participation in the comic book industry."

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