Scandinavian Waterfalls

I took a trip to Scandinavia in August, 1997, and found some waterfalls there. Here they are!

Waterfalls in Sweden



Waterfall Postcards



Waterfalls in Norway




Other Waterfalls along the Flam Railway

Waterfall Postcards

Waterfalls in Finland

Waterfall Postcards

Waterfall in Estonia

The Niagara Falls of Estonia



Waterfall in Estonia

Although Estonia is not in Scandinavia, I'm putting this waterfall here because we took a day trip from Helsinki, finland, to Tallin, Estonia. I found this article in a newspaper that was in our room on the ship. The article refers to the waterfall as the "Niagara Falls of Estonia". I tried to find out how I could get to the waterfall, but what I could understand was that it was too far away to go there in the time I was to be in Estonia.

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