Tännforsen is located in Sweden north of Duved 8 k off highway E-14. I believe it is on the Sveriges feeding into the Indal Sälven. Tännforsen is 38 meters by 32 meters. You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the photos.

This is a view of the top of the waterfall as we approached it along the path.

This view with the rainbow was taken from a viewing platform part way down to the bottom of the waterfall.There was quite a bit of spray from the waterfall at this spot.

This view shows the full waterfall. You can see some people near the top of the waterfall on the left to get an idea of the size of the waterfall. They are standing on the viewing platform where I took the photo with the rainbow.

I continued to walk downstream to get this view of the additional falls below the main waterfall. Beyond this the river flowed into what appeared to be a lake, but was a wide portion of the river..

I took this photo as we continued on our way to Njarka where we would be spending the night at the Sami Village. It the distance I could see a small white spot that I decided was the waterfall. When I got out of the car to take the photo, I could hear the waterfall even from that distance. You can see the waterfall just above the larger area of water on the right side of the photo.

As we were coming to Duved this sign on the side of the road showed us where Tännforsen and Njarka were. I have circled the locations for Tännforsen (1) and Njarka (17) at the top of the map.

This sign showed us where to turn off the main road to go to the waterfall. The waterfall was located about 8 K from E-14, which was the main highway through Duved.

This sign was located at the little park where the trail to the waterfall began. There was a 20k fee for a parking ticket, which could be applied to refreshments bought from the shop that also sold souveniers. We had brought some bread and cheese for a picnic lunch that we had at one of the picnic tables. The walk to the waterfall was not very long and was not a difficult walk. I received the following translation for this sign from Per Stymne:
Nature Preserve
This nature preserve has been set aside for the protection of Sweden's most famous waterfall and its immediate surroundings.
The total trop is 38 m (125 ft), and the main fall has a vertical drop of 32 m (105 ft).
The maximum flow is approximately 700 m3/s (25 000 cu ft/s).
This fall is a typical example of retrogressive erosion in slate, which is a soft rock.

Here is a postcard of Tännforsen Falls.

Hear is another postcard with Tännforsen Falls and other sites in the Duved area.

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