Unnamed Falls - Presque Isle River

Water Source
Presque Isle River
Porcupine Mountains State Park
Go north on Co. Rd. 519 from M-28 in Wakefield for about 15 miles to Porcupine Mountains State Park (or follow South Boundary Rd, to its western end in the park to reach 519). Continue north on 519 for about 3 miles to a parking area for the falls.
Take the paved path to the left, and again turn left at the bottom of the stairs along the wooden walkway to view the falls. You can get a view of the interesting rock formation below the falls along the left bank from the foot bridge.
Other Information
I visited this fall in the summer of 1997. When I was at nearby Manabezho Falls in September, 1989, they were just building this walkway, which you can now use to view the falls. Previously you used a trail along the hillside (that is the way the directions are in the Michigan Waterfall book). You can now see Unnamed Falls, Manabezho Falls, and Manido Falls from the same parking area. About 200 yards upstream Manabezho Falls, and about 100 yards upstream from that is Manido Falls.
(See Iagoo Falls, Manabezho Falls, Manido Falls, and Nawadaha Falls, in the same area.)
Other Photo:
This is a view of the rock formations below the falls from the foot bridge.

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