Nawadaha Falls

Water Source
Presque Isle River
Porcupine Mountains State Park
Go north on Co. Rd. 519 from M-28 in Wakefield for about 15 miles to Porcupine Mountains State Park (or follow South Boundary Rd, to its western end in the park to reach 519). Continue north on 519 for about 1/4 miles to a small park registration building on the right. Park just before the building.
Take the small dirt trail to the right behind the building to the falls. You can hear the falls from just behind the building. You can see the falls below from the top of the cliff.
Other Information
I visited this fall in the summer of 1997. I did not attempt to go down the bank to the foot of the falls, because it was quite steep and I could find no trail. However, the Michigan Waterfall book suggests doing so, so there may be a trail farther upstream or downstream. Also, you can take a foot trail from Manido Falls to Nawadaha Falls by taking the trail upstream from the wooden stairway leading to Manido Falls. However, a ranger told me the trail was eroded in places and you have to climb the bank to the top of the cliff in several spots, so he suggested taking the trail from the park registration building.
It was hard to see the falls through the trees, so it might be better to visit this falls in the late fall after the leaves have dropped to bet a better view of them.
Other Photo
Here's another view of the falls from directly above.
(See Iagoo Falls, Manabezho Falls, Manido Falls, and Unnamed Falls in the same area.)

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