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I also have many videos of old Little Lulu cartoons that were created in the 1930's and 40's. These differ from the recent Lulu cartoons on TV in that these are the older version of Little Lulu as she was originally drawn by Marge in the Saturday Evening Post magazine. Here are the videos that I have and the cartoons that are on them. You may click on the cartoon name to see some images that I made from the cartoon. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the images.

"LITTLE LULU: Cartoon Time 1 Hour" "Year Produced: 1930's and 40's" Copyright 1989 by Star Classics "The color enhanced figure represented on the front of this box is taken directly from the actual cartoon contained on this video tape." This video contains the following cartoons:
Bargain Counter Attack
Musical Lulu
Bored of Education
A Scout With the Gout
A Bout With A Trout
Chick And Double Chick
Birthday Party
The Dog Show Off

"LITTLE LULU: A Bout with a Trout" "Lively adventures of a little girl who's always in trouble." This is a TROX GOLD video with an approximate running time of 30 minutes. It contains the following cartoons:

A Bout with a Trout
"Sing along with Lulu as she dreams of playing hooky."
Loose in a Caboose
"Lulu takes a long train ride and pulls funny tricks on the conductor."
Bored of Education
"Lulu daydreams about American history while sitting in the corner as the class dunce."
Musical Lulu
"Musical instruments put Lulu on trial for music abuse. After they chase her, she mends her ways and practices the violin."

"LITTLE LULU: Bargain Counter Attack" "More adventures of Lulu and her funny tricks." This is also a TROX GOLD video with an approximate running time of 30 minutes. It contains the following cartoons:

A Scout with the Gout
"Lulu goes camping with her daddy, who used to be a Scout. She tries to help him but keeps getting him in trouble."
Chick and Double Chick
"Lulu must guard some hatching chicks. She tries to train a watch dog to do the job. They keep busy protecting the chicks from a hungry cat."
Bargain Counter Attack
"Lulu returns a doll to a department store, then has fun looking for something in exchange. After trying on skis, Indian hats, and other toys she decides to keep the doll."
Boy Meets Dog
"After school a boy finds a dog and takes him home to a crabby father. Fairytale creatures from the boy's bedroom wall punish the dad who wakes to become a regular fella." This cartoon does not contain Little Lulu.

"Cartoon Favorites Little Lulu" "The pictures on this package are color enhanced reproductions from the actual cartoons." "Cartoons, movies or TV shows used by Cartoon Favorites are public domain products and are not licensed nor authorized by the original copyright owners." Approximate running time is 30 minutes. Cartoons on this video include:

Bargain Counter Attack
Chick and Double Chick
Musical Lulu
Bout with a Trout

"CARTOONS R FUN COLLECTION LITTLE LULU" "Our technicans have made every effort to guarantee that the cartoons are as close to the original in quality and completeness as possible." "These cartoons are public domain works and are not licensed by the original copyright holders." "The cover illuntration is a representation of the actual contents of the cartoon. Every effort has been made to insure accuracy." 1989 Vidtape, Inc.

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