Bored of Education

"Lulu daydreams about American history while sitting in the corner as the class dunce."

Here are a few images from the cartoon Bored of Education. You may click on the thumbnails to see a larger image. It is interessting to not the change in Little Lulu's scholastic ability from these early cartoons to the later comics. Here Lulu does not know her history, and cheats by getting the answers to the teacher's questions from Tubby, as shown in the second image (although Tubby's answers are incorrect!). Lulu sits in the corner with the dunce hat on and dreams of living the history with Tubby.

In the later Little Lulu comics, Lulu is always prepared for class and is an excellent student. She would not consider cheating, and certainly not from Tubby who is not as capable a student as Lulu.

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