Birthday Party


Here are a few images from the cartoon Birthday Party. You may click on the thumbnails to see a larger image. I was especially interested in this cartoon, because it has a frog in it!

Lulu's birthday is September 2, and she is not allowed in the kitchen to see her birthday cake being baked. She plays with the frog, trynig to see in the window on the seesaw.

In the fifth image she is playing "leap frog" with the frog - the frog is leaping over her in the picture. The frog continues leaping right into the kitchen window, scaring the cook, who is holding the birthday cake in the air.

Lulu is again sent outside, where she sadly sits with the frog and dreams about her birthday cake. In the center image on the bottom row, she is dreaming of standing on her birthday cake and lighting the candles. Finally, she is allowed to go into the house, where her friends and a birthday party await her.

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