Rickett's Glen

Rickett's Glen in the winter

Rickett's Glen is located along route 118 in central Pennsylvania.

I learned about Rickett's Glen from a man sitting next to me on an airplane. We were chatting during the flight, and I mentioned that I enjoyed looking for waterfalls to photograph. He was from Pennsylvania and said if I was ever in the area I needed to go to Ricketts Glen, which has over 20 waterfalls along a 2 1/2 mile trail.

That sounded great to me, because I have walked more than three miles just to get to one waterfall. So when I had the opportunity to get there, I did so. But it took three tries to complete the walk along the trail.

The first time I went it was early spring, and in the woods there was quite a bit of ice and snow along the trail. Because it was over 1 1/2 mile to the first waterfall along the trail, I never did get to any. It was very slippery, and I turned around before reaching the first waterfall.

However, I did get to a waterfall across the road from where the trail begins, and took some of the few pictures I have of icy waterfalls.

Rickett's Glen in the Winter
Here is another picture I took that day, in addition to the picture at the top of this page. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of any of these pictures.

Rickett's Glen Waterfall Map
The map of the trail along Rickett's Glen
Rickett's Glen Mishap
I returned later in the spring and began to walk the trail again. This time I did get to see some of the waterfalls along the trail. I again started from the parking lot along route 118 to the south of the trail. I took the left fork at Water's Meet and began the climb up.

However, about half way up the left fork, when we were walking along a slanted rock, my friend slid down into the water. In my startled attempt to assist, I quickly followed. Fortunately the water was not deep, and we were not close to a waterfall as we were at other times along the trail, so there were no injuries except to our dignity.

This is the rock we slid on.

I finally returned later that summer to make the entire circuit and saw all of the falls.

More Rickett's Glen Waterfalls


Note: I was told this past year the there was a slide along the walk and that you could not make the entire circle walk at Rickettls Glen. I don't know if that has been repaired yet or not. Does anyone know?

"Let me advise you that the slide in Glen Leigh has been repaired so that the entire Ricketts Glen loop is hikeable again.
Regards,  :-)

"The slide was fixed, and you can now walk the entire circle.  Hope this helps. :)

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