Little Lulu Valentines

There were some greeting cards featuring Little Lulu. Here are some valentines that I found. You may click on any of the images to see a larger version.

This valentine is of the original Little Lulu as in Marge's Saturday Evening Post cartoons. I got it from an antique dealer.

Front Inside

Little Lulu was used for advertising Kleenex Tissues. The following valentines are from that advertising. Each of the four valentines has instructions for using a Kleenex Tissue to complete the card. The first image shows the complete set of valentines. The others show enlarged versions of each individual valentine. If you want to see an enlarged version of the directions for making the valentines, click on the Directions link after the card.

Directions Directions

Directions Directions


For more Little Lulu Valentines, see Whitman Little Lulu and Tubby Valentines

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