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Here is my collection of Little Lulu books, not including the comic books. I have:

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Hard Cover Books:

Rand McNally; David McKay

These are my oldest Little Lulu books, which are collections of the Saturday Evening Post Little Lulu comics. "Little Lulu by Marge" was published by Rand McNally with a copyright of 1935, '36 by Curtis Publishing Company, Edition of '39. The other three were published by David McKay Company: "Little Lulu on Parade", 1939, '40 by Curtis Publishing Company, '41 by David McKay Company; "Laughs With Little Lulu", 1936, '37, '38, '39 '40, '41, ,42 by Curtis Publishing Company, and '41, 42 by David McKay Company; and "Little Lulu and Her Pals", 1938, '39 by Curtis Publishing Company and '39 by David McKay Company.




Here is a sample of the inside of one of these books.






Westfield Classics - McLaughlin Bros.

These books are Westfield Classics by McLaughlin Bros., and are the next oldest Little Lulu books I have, all published in 1946: "Little Lulu Her Train Ride to Grandma's," "Little Lulu at Grandma's Farm," "Little Lulu at the Circus," and "Little Lulu at the Seashore," "Little Lulu and the Organ Grinder Man," and "Little Lulu Plays Pirate." These books have simple stories about Lulu's adventures - see the example above.





Better Little Books

This book is one of The Better Little Books from 1945,'46,'47 titled "Marge's Little Lulu Alvin and Tubby".






Golden Books

These are two Golden Books. "Little Lulu and Her Magic Tricks" is from 1954. It originally had a little package of Kleenex tissues attached on top of the book, but those are now gone from this book. There are items related to this book, including a record (see back) and piano sheet music (see inside).The second book is Little Golden Book # 476 called "Little Lulu", adapted by Gina Ingoglia Weiner and illustrated by Woody Kimbrell and Al White. It was first published by Golden Press Western Publishing Company, Racine, Wisconsin in 1962. This book is the second printing in 1974.


Whitman Tale-A-Tale Books

These are Whitman A-Tale-A-Tale books: "Little Lulu Uses Her Head", 1955; "Little Lulu Has an Art Show", 1964; "Little Lulu Lucky Landlady", 1973, and "Little Lulu and the Birthday Mystery", 1974 . The books are about 5 1/2" by 6 1/2 ". They each contain a story about Lulu and her friends.






Paper Back Books


This book "This is Little Lulu" by Marge is a Dell paper back from 1956. It includes items from the Saturday Evening Post as well as some stories from comic books. On the back cover it states: "From her silent, long-legged early days to the plump and talkative present...This is Little Lulu."





Random House Student Book Clubs

"Little Lulu" published by Random House was "prepared especially for the Random House Student Book Clubs" with a 1979 copyright by Western Publishing Company. It states on the back: "Meet Little Lulu and her friends, Tubby, Annie, Iggy, Wilbur, Eddie, Witch Hazel, Little Itch in these stories: The New Boy, Music Lesson, Dear Diary, Poor Little Rich Boy, The Tubby Tamer, Little Itch's Spell, the Big Squeeze." See a sample page from the book.





Golden Press

The book "Little Lulu At Your Service", with a 1983 copyright by Western Publishing Company, Inc., is illustrated by Irving Tripp. It is a paperback about 8.5" x 11" and has 16 pages.

Golden Books

"The Little Lulu Joke Book", written by Chip Lovitt, has a 1998 copyright from Golden Books Publishing Company, Inc. It's paperback and about 5x7/5", with 64 pages. The book starts with Lulu in front of a microphone (as on the HBO videos) with the sign above her "Welcome to Little Lulu's Comedy Club". Lulu says: "Hi, my name is Lulu, and if you like to laugh, you've come to the right place. I've got jokes, riddles, and all kinds of funny business for you. Come and join me and my friends Tubby Tompkins, the twins Jeannie and Joannie, Annie, Iggy, and the rest of the gang for a non-stop, laugh-filled jokefest. Turn the page and get ready to rock - with laughter, that is!" And then the jokes begin, starting with: "I just wrote this funny book about eggs. I'm going to call it Little Lulu's yolk book." and "My friend Annie put ice cubes in her aunt's bed. That's because she was trying to make auntie-freeze!"



These two March of Comics were given away as advertisements and were published by Western Publishing Company, Inc.. They reprinted some of the stories from comic books and included some activity pages. The one from Buster Brown is #406 from 1971, '75; and the book from Sears is #456 from 1972, '79.




The "Golden Comics Digest" contains reprints of some of the stories from the comics along with some activity pages. Those in the first photo include: #23 "Marge's Little Lulu and Tubby Fun Fling," May 1972; #29 "Little Lulu and Tubby;" #33 "Little Lulu and Tubby Halloween Fun," Nov. 1973; #36 "Little Lulu and Her Friends," May 1974; and #40 "Little Lulu and Tubby Trick or Treat," Nov. 1974. The second photo includes: ##23 "Marge's Little Lulu and Tubby Fun Fling," May 1972 and #19 "Little Lulu and Tubby have a Swinging Summer," September 1971.



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