I have had several adventures while looking for waterfalls that I will put on this page. They provided some excitement and humor, and a few rather scarey moments, when I was out in the North Woods.

Slipping into the water at Ricketts Glen: The first adventure has been on my Ricketts Glen page and describes the difficulties I had trying to see the falls, including the time I slipped into the water while walking the trail to see all of the falls. Fortunately there was no injury (except to my dignity).

Sliding toward the edge of the Douglass Houghton falls: This adventure is on my Douglass Houghton Falls page and describes the time I came too close to sliding over the edge of the falls. Also on this page is a description of the time my son John and his friend climbed the cliff along the side of the falls.

Getting my car stuck in the back woods: The next adventure describes the time I got stuck near Little Falls and had to walk and walk and walk to get help.

Getting lost in the forest: This adventure describes the time I was trying to find Tioga Falls and got lost on my way out of the forest.

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