My "Diry" of My Trip to Peekskill, NY - Little Lulu's Home Town

I took a trip to Peekskill, New York, in October 1998 to see Little Lulu's home town of Meadowville (see my trip log and photos from the trip.)

Since that time, Lulu and some of her friends have begun appearing in some of my photos from Peekskill/Meadowville. Below is the link to my original photos and then the photo with Lulu and/or her friends. (You mak click on the pictures for a larger version.)


The first is of the site where Tubby and the fellers' clubhouse might have been. Yow! Look! Here IS the clubhouse on that very spot! This picture was created by Bob.


The following pictures were created by Edwin D.

The next is the Sunset Diner. YOW! There are Lulu and Annie in front of the diner!


Here's the playground by the school. Yow! There's Tubby in the playground!


There were some houses all decorated for Halloween! Here's one of the houses (was Alvin here to pile up the pumpkins?) YOW! There's Alvin now, along with Lulu, Tubby, and someone in a witch's costume - or is that Little Itch herself??


This photo is of Lake Mitchett (This view is taken from the little bridge). YOW! There are Lulu and Tubby walking on the stone wall!


Here's a photo of Blue Mountain Reservation showing spots for picnics near lake Lounsbury Pond. YOW! Looks like Tubby and Iggy are going to be fighting over that hot dog!


Here's another photo from Blue Mountain Reservation showing the waterfall on the lake - is that where Lulu saved Tubby from going over?) YOW! Lulu and Tubby are having fun by the waterfall!



Trip to Peekskill - Little Lulu's Home Town
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