Little Lulu Memories III

I receive e-mail from many Little Lulu fans, and some of them have shared with me wonderful stories of their fond memories of reading Little Lulu comics. I would like to share such stories with others who visit this site. If you would like to share your story, please e-mail it to me at . Please include the way you want to be acknowledged (first name, first and last name, e-mail address, etc.). I started with my own story at the bottom, on this page, added more stories to the top of the page as I receive them, Little Lulu Memories II, and continued to add new memories to Little Lulu Memories I.

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July 28, 2000
Fred Fredericks


July 28, 2000
Muriel Garvis

I am reliving some childhood memories about those days of laying around reading those wonderful stories of Lulu and Tubby.  I especially loved the comics where they went to summer camp.  Some of them were very thick and so fun to read.  I also recall lots of adventures with Witch Hazel and Little Itch.  Where can I find some of these to read again.   Muriel garvis

July 28, 2000

I remember specific Lulu + Tubby adventures..these may be available in old copies from your site..
1. tubby finds a stamp..i think it says "paid in full"..he stamps everything in sight..
2. tubby takes pictures of his friends..lulu allows him to take one of her..lulu asks tubby why he's taking pictures..turns out, he's starting a rogue's gallery..if anyone he has pictures of is wanted by the police, he will give the police the picture to help catch the person, his friend (?).
3. tubby (and others?) go into a spooky forest (swamp?)..they have a real scary time in a haunted house..they escape with someone (thing) chasing them..they get away in time to see the house sink in the swamp (quicksand?) at the beginning of this story, tubby's mother says the day tubby comes home and goes to sleep because he's too tired to eat dinner, will be the day she grows story's end, his mom opens the front door to see tubby asleep on the front step, exhausted from the day's frightening adventures and late for dinner..she turns to her husband and says,"do you see anything growing out of my back?"

July 28, 2000

I don't know if this piece of information is of interest to you, but in >>the early 60's a Brazilian group called Trio Esperanca had a hit with a >>song called "A Festa do Bolinha" - "Tubby's Party". The lyrics went >>something like this: >> >>Yesterday I went to a party >>At Tubby's house >>I must confess I didn't like >>Gloria's manners >>Exchanging kisses with Wilber >>In the back yard >>But the love interlude >>Did not last long >>As Tubby got jealous >>And caused a mess >>Annie tripped >>And dropped some glasses >>And Tubby's house turned into hell >> >>Tubby proved to be quite jealous >>And also not to like Lulu >>Silly girl, still crying for him >>With so many pretty boys in the room >>Little Lulu happened to fancy Tubby of all kids.

July 28, 2000

During the 50's and 60's, I collected a huge stack of Lulu and Tubby comics. As a young girl she was always my favorite! I had a fire in the 80's and my whole collection burned up, but in my Second Grade class, she has lived on because I had many copies of her picture on math papers, and on many other sheets. For 28 years, the children who pass through my class make friends with Little Lulu and her gang! They write about them and make Report Cards for all of the members of the gang. Since the Internet age, I have been searching for Little Lulu, and because of you I have finally found her. I thank you very much.

July 28, 2000
Viviana Bordón

My name is Viviana, and I am a Little Lulu fan. Sorry, because my English is elementary. You must pardon me, because of my mistakes. First I present me: I'm Uruguayan (Uruguay is a little country in South America, between Brazil and Argentina). I was looking for a site on the web about Little Lulu since 1997, but I don't know why, I couldn't find your site before. Now I'm happy. It's great!. I love the Memorabilia. You have all about Little Lulu!. And "Little Lulu Characters" surprised me, because I didn't know the English name of some of them. Like you, I'm reading Litlle Lulu since I was a child. Now, I' ve 39 years old, and I' m continuing reading the same comics. The same, because in Uruguay the last Little Lulu appeared in the 70's. But in Brazil, "Luluzinha" was published up to the 80 's, and I visited this country sometimes, and I bought some comics ("Bolinha" too -That is Tubby). I didn't know a lot about my dear Little Lulu, because here it is difficult to find information about Marge or the others authors. On the "Alianza Uruguay-Estados Unidos" library, I obtained some information about Marge, but my curiosity is big. Thanks of your website, now, I know more about Lulu and the gang. I have too a T-shirt with Lulu. I made it with clothe-painting. And I have a doll that my father offered me, when I was a child. She is a little bit old and her nose is not right but I love her. For me she is fine. She has another problem. Her dress isn't red. I don't know why her dress is blue. It could be that when they made her, she refused to wear the traditional dress!!. Michele, thank you for share with other persons your treasures! Your website is wonderful and be sure, you have here on the South, a fan of it.   The best for you:   Viviana Bordón

July 28, 2000
Hi !
and i'm from Brazil    (São Paulo city)
and I am happy too much happy  to find so many information abou LULU.
I'm  a big fan of TUBBY ( here in Brazil he's called Bolinha, [little ball, if you translate]
I was looking for a picture of TUBBY when I found your page.
I'm thankfull
Please ...  if you know some site of TUBBY...   pleeeeaaasee...  contact me.

July 28, 2000

Hello Lulu Friends!  I had a great feeling of "connectedness" after reading your posts.  Lulu got me through a lot of tough times, too.  But...I must admit that I did have a habit of slipping into the Ol' Witch Hazel character when playing with friends. One day while chasing them with my magic wand (stick), I was hit by a car. My Lulu comics helped during my recovery process!  Love and Best Wishes to you all, and Michele, thank you for a wonderful site! 

July 28, 2000

I am a Lulu fan from Leon Mexico. When I was a child an aunt gave me all her collection. Do you want to know the characters' names in Spanish?

Wilber=Pepe del Salto

July 28, 2000 Lois
The earliest recollection of my initial encounter with Little Lulu was the comic-book stand at the front of the Sprouse-Reitz five-and-ten-cent store on Main Street in Las Cruces, N.M., circa 1954.  How eagerly I anticipated those Saturdays each month thereafter when, as if by some retail magic, the latest colorful cover of "Little Lulu" greeted me as I entered that store!  And how overcome I was with excitement, adrenelin rushing, when I discovered, scant months thereafter, that our new neighbors had three (older) daugthers, one of whom had an incredible stash of "Little Lulu" comic books she kept  in a trunk in her bedroom!  But alas... although she deigned on a few occasions to lend me (at MOST) three treasured issues at a time, she would arrive at my doorstep bright and early the following day to retrieve them!!  I scarcely had time to read them all, relishing the stories in each. Abruptly, she decided shortly thereafter NOT to lend them to me anymore, and instead referred me to a second-hand book shop in El Paso. When I finally made it to said store some time later, they hadn't a single Little Lulu comic!!  I subscribed to Little Lulu for three years or so, for a grand total of $1.50-$2.50 for 12 issues, as I recall, a slight discount off the cover price.  I bought EVERY Lulu-related item I could get my hands on--her book of magic tricks, small Golden Books, summertime  and holiday specials, etc.  Apparently, there were numerous items which were not available where I lived, unfortunately.  Today, I have only two Little Lulu comics, which were NOT EASY to come by, I assure you!!  In recent years, I have attempted to obtain Little Lulu-related items, primarily comics, at flea markets, collectible shows, antique malls, etc., etc., but have been unsuccesful in my endeavors thus far.  NOW, I have access to your web-site, a GOD-SEND, it appears, which may have made all my searching of late worthwhile!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!  P.S.  My younger sister has been calling me "Lu-Lu" for many years!!

June 25, 2000

I remember Lulu very clearly.I was raised in the 50's & 60's. My birth name is Denise Louise. But, with my family being from the South, I could not escape being assigned a nick name utilizing my first and middle names. So.. I was called Denny Lou. Of course you can guess that I was teased by being called Denny Lou Lou. The sound of the Lu Lu theme song being sung to me, by my big sister, haunted me for years. I did love the cartoon and comics however. Today when I see LuLu cartoons I can see the resemblence: short, chubby, dark hair and eyes, and innocently mischievious. I appreciate her more now than ever. I see myself in her and I like what I see. What a great message to give little girls. You can be a kid, it's natural to be curious and sometimes get in trouble. The same things happen to us as adults but we call them mistakes or cleverness. I am so glad that LuLu is back on the scene.

June 17, 2000

I'm 57, grew up in St. Louis, read every LL comic I could find.  Still have a few--how I wish I'd kept all of them!  I had measles about every other day when I was a kid--back then, you were kept in a dark room and not allowed to read, measles being hard on the eyes.  My Mom, God bless her, would sit on the couch where I was resting and read me LL comics to cheer me up.  She'd read the text, then describe the pictures.  One Christmas after I was grown and married several years, she sent me a LL doll (Hallmark, I think) that I use as a tree ornament.  I really ID'd with LL~~~that 'gang' was much like my neighborhood.  Little Itch and the beebleberries, stuck-up Gloria, oh, I do miss them! 

June 13, 2000

Lulu is a goddess, let's face it. The comics were my favorites, hands down, when I was a kid. My sisters were into Katy Keene and Archie and all the rest, but I was hooked on Little Lulu from the start. Not that there's anything WRONG with Katy--I always enjoyed the wild cars that her boyfriends drove (such as K.O. Kelly's boxing-glove mobile) for instance. And Katy was always partying. And she always looked pretty fine. But Lulu's my drug of choice these days. I started collecting the comics about 1980 without any real enthusiasm until 1990, when one of my clients (I'm a massage therapist) gave me a Lulu doll from her late grandmother's doll collection. I was stunned--it's the Knickebocker doll with the beautiful stitched face, now proudly displayed behind glass in my massage room. Clients find stuff for my collection all the time. I'm tellin' ya--life is good.

My love for this child is unremitting; she seems to make her presence felt in so many areas of my life. For example, when I recently unearthed my massage school notes, it cracked me up to see all the different renditions of Lulu I drew on the margins--Lulu smoking a cigar, Lulu gagging over a remark by a fellow student, etc. Last year I spent three tedious days laboring over a painting of the cover of issue #20 (I think--it's the one of Lulu reading a book of ghost stories in an armchair while several ghosts crowd in on her) on a ceramic bowl. The end result was VERY satisfying. I gave it to my younger sister for Xmas.

June 13, 2000

Like you, I loved reading Little Lulu when I was a kid (and still!)  I had a subscription to the comics for years and I remember I had one large dresser drawer absolutely packed with them.  Much to my utter regret, I gave them away when I was a teen.  I remember my very favourite story was one where Lulu had a little round rug by her bed.  The rug turned into a pool and she swims into the ocean.  I think she meets Neptune.  Do you know that story?  I"m not a collector, but I've tried to find old comics from time to time-no luck here in B.C.   I have some I treasure and read from time to time. 

June 13, 2000

WelI, I have to say, it was a nice trip down memory lane.. I was born and raised in Peekskill. My aunt worked in Woolworth, my elementary school music teacher was the elevator operator at Genungs Dept Store on weekends, my father was the manager of Food Center ( later Grand Union), a stone's throw from Center Diner. Chauncey Depew is my 2nd cousin 4 times removed. I worked in Beach Shoppng Center.... and  so on and so on....
I read Little LuLu all the time, never KNEW it was describing PEEKSKILL !!

March 24, 2000
Terry Aylsworth

I have been a Little Lulu fan my entire life.  I still dream about finding new Little Lulu Comics!  One day I was talking to my boss, who is a brilliant Professor at a large university, about my love of comics.  He admitted that he loved them too.  I mentioned that some of my favorites were the Carl Bark's Uncle Scrooge comics.  Then he said to me that he liked those a lot but his absolute favorites were the Little Lulu and Tubby comics!  Well, I now keep him supplied with Little Lulu comics and we both decided that they have lost none of their charms!  At lunch you will find him reading Little Lulu!!!  My favorite stories are the Old Witch Hazel stories (and don't forget the beebleberries)....but I really love them all; the Spider, Sammy and the men from Mars...I was always happy when Alvin said "Tell me a story."  I have some of the bound books which I am happy to say are now being enjoyed by my daughter as well.  I really think those wonderful comics gave me a lifelong love of reading.

March 19, 2000
Carol and Dan Gillespie

The two of us grew up years and miles apart, but we both remember enjoying Little Lulu comic books.  Carol would read them at her father's drug store, while sitting on the stack of newspapers in front of the comics rack.  She didn't buy many, but she read them regularly.  Her mother's grocery shopping routine included first buying Carol a box of animal crackers and then letting her sit on the grocery store window ledge eating the crackers and reading comics while her mother shopped.  Dan bought them from time to time with his younger sister Jean, who also remembers them fondly.  Dan finds it strange that, of all the hundreds of different comic book series that were available to him as a growing boy in the middle 20th Century, the two that in retrospect stand out most vividly in his mind had as their main characters a talking duck and a little girl!  Thank you, Carl Barks and John Stanley.

March 15, 2000
Marlys from Chicago

Little LuLu has always been my favorite cartoon character. I spent a lot of time reading and acting out the comic book stories--I even wore red dresses a lot! I had a LuLu doll in the forties, but my two year old brother got a hold of her one day and she came out the worse for wear--ripped yarn hair, dented cheeks.  Over the years I would occasionally get the bug of trying to find another doll.  About 8 years ago while  on vacation on Anna Marie Island in Florida,I discovered a doll and bear shop there and decided just for the heck of it to go inside and see if they had a LuLu doll. I walked up to the counter display case took one look and burst into tears--there she was! I had found her  after 20+ years of searching and more than 1200 miles from home. I couldn't afford to pay for her all at once ($350!!!!), so I put her on layaway and started making payments--my brothers and sons surprised me at Christmas that year by bringing her home to me as my present.  She sits on the bureau in my bedroom and my brother, the destroyer, bought me the new 1999 version for my birthday. I now have old and new smiling side by side.

February 29, 2000  

Wasn't there a comic or two where Lulu goes behind the fireplace and has a sort of surreal adventure?    

My aunt used to work at a five and dime and she would bring home a stack of comics every month with the covers' title cut off. Fox and crow.. Bob Hope comics.. MAD magazines.. the Three Mousketeers..   rare and rarer..       

Most often, when I was taken to visit my grandparents, foremost in my mind was to read the latest stack of comics she aquired in the last couple months.  I remember well, going down to the basement where they kept the cardboard box that held her comic book collection.  I would spend hours down there.  There were too many to read and I often only scanned them for jewels.    

My grandmother threw them all out..  my own mother repeated the act with my collection of Superman and Carl Barks Donald Ducks.     I am not bitter..  it was junk at the time.  I read them over and over and over and they were all quite dog-eared.    

Does anyone remember a "behind the fireplace" Lulu or is that just my imagination or was that another comic altogether?     It seems I can't remember what I did yesterday but I vaguely remember many very old comic books.  (and strips) 

Does anyone else out there remember "Smoky Stover"?    I am 49.  I remember when Sparky drew Snoopy with a longer nose.       Lulu behind the fireplace?  Anyone?  

February 21, 2000
Verne Gelvin Growing up in the Midwest

My older sister had a Little Lulu cloth doll in the early 1950's.  She was always carrying it around with her.

She would read Little Lulu comics aloud to me when we were able to get them.  I also remember a Golden Book, "Little Lulu and Her Box of Magic Tricks" with the little package of Kleenex on the front cover.  I tried to make a Kleenex bunny like Little Lulu, and couldn't understand why my chubby little fingers made such a mess.

Little Lulu was smart and always knew what to do in a tight spot.  She didn't let bullies run over her, and kept right up with the guys, often getting the better of them, all the while remaining true to her gang of girl friends.  To me, barely out of toddler stage, Little Lulu seemed like another sister; one with which only my older sister could go past the front gate and off to exciting adventures, the likes of which she would recount when we were under the covers at night with the flashlight.

I never had a Little Lulu doll, but she holds a special place in my memory.  It was a time when the world was very large and mysterious place and Little Lulu was there in my little corner of the world in the dappled sunlight under the willow tree.

February 9, 2000

I guess that I am one of the few guys who has fond memories of reading Little Lulu comic books!! I loved Lulu and her girl friends....even Witch Hazel, but Tubby, Iggy, Willy, Freddie, Reggie (I think the names are right) were fascinating to me and reminded my friends and I of each other. 

I was born in 1944, so I was reading them (at the drugstore also) in their heyday!!  My wife and I have given each other and our children about all that one could ask for.  When she asked me a while back what I would really like and I replied:  All of the Dell's Comics Marge's Little Lulu comic books, she began to wonder about me.

My only interests are in the comic books, none of the other memorabilia. 

February 5, 2000
Karyl Carlson,

I had a subscription to Raggedy Ann and Andy comics when I was a little kid. They stopped publishing in the middle of my subscription and Little Lulu comics was substituted instead. It took a couple of issues to get over the shock, but I soon began to love Little Lulu! I have a copy of a Little Lulu doll pattern from McCalls Patterns.  It makes a really cute doll about 14" tall.  If anybody wants a handmade Little Lulu Doll please contact me. 

February 4, 2000

Little Lulu & Tubby had always been my favorite comic book characters.  I have always been a fanatic collector of all sorts of things, including comics.  In 1976 I needed room so I sold thousands of my comic books, all EXCEPT Little Lulu, Tubby and Classic Comics.  I had just about all from about 1954-1964, and still do.   I also had all but about 5 Tubby Comics. When I saw that the early 4-color Little Lulu and other early issues to #87 were being reprinted in book form I knew that I must get them.  Although it took some time, and not during issue time, I DID GET THE SERIES.  I still have my original copies, and still occasionally look for others to fill in what I do not have. 

Some bit of the stories I remember are when Lulu and Tubby are out walking together, and she catches Tubby pulling petals off a flower:  "She loves me, she loves me not".  Lulu adds in that she does not love him, but Tubby responds that his subject was Betty Grable.  I also remember the time the boys had a show at their clubhouse to make money, and Tubby was shot out of a "cannon"  They seemed to have a misfire or something and Tub had a crash landing, ( the boys got his shoes and placed them on the ground like he plunged into the ground, and Lulu and Annie yelled "YOW".  Of course my favorite Tubby stories were about Sammy and the Martians, and one trip where they took Tub to Mars.  Some nights even now I dream of going to my favorite store and finding a real treasure of some new Lulu or Tubby comics, and I try to buy all that I can find.  Some dream.  And remember "The Spider Spins Again".

January 5, 2000
Lisa and Joan from the Midwest

I am a second generation Lulu fan. My mother read the comics as a girl and I read the reprints in the 60s and 70s. She is both my mother's and my favorite character. I am finding the internet great for finding memorabilia. I was able to purchase a bank, a small lunchbox, a doll and some figures from Spain as well as many comics. I have the full set of Golden Comics Digests that I bought from John Merrill (The Stanley Steamer man). Have you checked ebay for Lulu items? There are over 200 on there today alone. Occasionally a Georgene doll from the 40s shows up but it goes for a lot of money. I even saw an Alvin and a Tubby doll for sale on there but also for a lot of money. The reason I love Lulu so much is that she is one of the few spunky girls in the cartoons/comics. All the Disney characters are always being rescued by a male character. It was nice as a girl to find a not so perfect girl who was smart and witty and gave the boys a run for their money.

January 5, 2000

I am another "Michele" (spelled the same way!)from the midwest--originally Kansas City, who grew up absolutely loving Little Lulu and Tubby comics (as did my younger brother Wayne, and baby brother Lee).  I spent my summers walking my brothers to the drug store to use our allowances to buy Little Lulu comics, and rejoiced whenever the "jumbo" editions came out.

Some of my favorite memories are:

-the story of the "great snow" when Lulu is so hungry that she tries to boil and eat a Chinese rug, hoping it will taste like chop suey, but then finds, to her disappointment, that all it does is taste "like boiled Chinese rug" (can't you just see her making one of her faces). The kids all tunnel to each other through the snow from house to house.

-the time Tubby decides to mountain climb a tall apartment building, and accidentally scares a lady taking a bath (I think she went "Eek"!)

-the time Little Itch's house is destroyed and she says "Our house is a many SPLINTERED thing" (how clever Mrs. Buell was).

Anyway, I collected Lulu comics and went away to college.  My baby brother, not realizing how much they meant to me, generously gave my collection away to one of his little friends.  When Lee (my brother) realized how upset I was, he --for all these years to the present (I am now 53!) sends me whatever Lulu stuff he comes across.

January 5, 2000

My memory of Little LuLu is such a heartwarming one that when I tell the story it just brings tears to everyone's eyes. When I was just turning 5 years of age in 1961, I received a box similar to a Long White Box that would resemble a Box filled with Long Stemmed Roses.  In this Box was my First LuLu and I treasured it because it helped me through a time where my parents just found out I was hard of hearing and needing some comfort, Little LuLu helped me through those first years of wearing that Pocket Hearing Aid.  I wore out her cheeks (with all the hugs) and the feet were mended so many times along with her hands.  Bandages on her knees and arms too!  Whenever we were to go to Minnesota to visit My Aunt Rose, we always had to take her to the Doll Hospital that was located there and she would come back in a Basket with new clothes and oh, did I love her the more!!!!!  We made another trip in the years to come while growing up and again, she came back from the Hospital with new clothes and just spanking new.  The touching part.......when I was around 18 years of age, I went to my parents' closet and what did I find there on the top shelf?   THREE LULU DOLLS sitting up there just smiling and waiting to be held again by me.  I have them plus two LuLu Dolls that my mom made from a pattern, one small and another the same size as the others.   This Christmas, '99, I have another one to add to my collections of my others.  I'm so blessed to have them up on my wall on a shelf looking down at me, smiling and still waiting for my hugs.  God Bless LuLu!!!  She's been there through all my 'trying' years. 

January 5, 2000

My earliest memories of Lulu go back to around 1954.  I was born in 1948 on Hoopers Island in Maryland.  My best friend, Betty Lea, and I shared an interest in the Lulu comics.  Since her Dad owned the Little Country Store where we lived, we hung out there a lot.  When a new shipment of comics came in, we would scramble to the pile and pick out Little Lulu.  We usually enjoyed a new comic with an orange twin Popsicle, which we broke in half and shared, or we'd sip on a black cherry soda.  Sometimes we would get a mouth full of bubble gum and blow bubbles as we anticipated Lulu's latest adventure.    I think she was sort of my hero because she always seemed to get the best of the neighborhood boys.  I guess the boys in our neighborhood were no different than any other place in the world... they loved to tease the girls!  When you're in Elementary School, girls and boys are natural enemies.  Lulu would give me ideas on how to get even with them.  Sometimes she seemed so real to me.  I will always remember those days in the Country Store with my best friend and our good friend... "Little Lulu."   Just this year, another friend of mine (not from the Island) came to visit and we were talking about the 50's and realized we shared an interest in the same comic character.  She still had her Little Lulu doll from her childhood and gave her to me.  I can't tell you how much it means to have my old friend, Lulu, sitting back on my bookcase.  My friend, Margaret, used to take her Lulu doll to camp with her in the summer.  She said she felt safer with Lulu by her side.  Camp was a little scary to a kid.  Her Mother had sewn her name on the back of the cloth bodied doll.  I shall treasure this Little Doll always.  It makes me smile just to look at her.  I look at Lulu items on E-Bay and plan to start collecting some of the affordable comics.    In this world of violence and crime it is fun to look back to a gentler time in America when characters like Little Lulu lived in the hearts of little girls everywhere.  I know that "Little Lulu, Little Lulu, with freckles on her chin" will always be a fond memory to me.   8:<)  

November 24, 1999

My uncle bought me a little Lulu doll, when I was a small girl. It was my favorite, mom had to sew her together again and again. I don't have the doll now, but I do have fond memories.

November 18, 1999
Meredith Nagles

I was so excited to find your article in the recent Eclectern. I have been reading all of the information you have compiled on Little Lulu and enjoying it immensely. I have been a Little Lulu fan since childhood and looked forward to each issue. In a move my family made in 1955, all of my comics were given away, so I missed many of them until as an adult , I decided to renew my interest in Lulu.

In 1981 I started to collect the comics and over a period of 8 or 9 years managed to get them all. What next?!! The memorabelia has been such fun that I now have a Little Lulu room with 4 curio cases full of unique and not so unique collectibles of Lulu. My latest was a cookie jar which my husband bought for me on E-bay and I love it. It is of Lulu's head with her hat as the cookie jar lid.!

If any one would like to correspond with me about Little Lulu, my E-mail address is . My name is Meredith Nagles. I would lilke to hear from Michele too and find more about her love for Little Lulu!

November 15, 1999

I have tried to find a Little Lulu doll for about 35 years now, most of my friends don't know who or what this is, I can't believe this!! I had one when I lived in St Louis, Missouri. Santa brought me one in 1949 for Christmas. I just loved her and I had a raincoat and boots for her. We moved to California in 1951 and my Mom made me leave her with the girl who lived up stairs from us because we didn't have the room for my toys, we drove out here in our car and a lot of baby things for my sister who was born later that year.

I still think about my doll after all of the years that have gone by. I would love to find one that I can afford, I see then on e-bay for several hundred dollars and I can't really afford that and they go so fast on there. It is fun to see then again, brings back childhood memories for me.

I know I am going on and on about Lulu, but I think you understand how I feel. If you could help me find one, I would really appreciate it. I have a puzzle, and some return address labels, a mini lunchbox and a bank of Lulu from e-bay, I was very excited to get these. I haven't seen anything Little Lulu until I got My computer and found out about e-bay, I just look at all things that are Little Lulu, It takes me back in time.

I hope you don't think I am some nut of a lady, I am not, I promise you. When I saw your things on yahoo and how you described them I could tell you were talking my Lulu language.


November 13, 1999

When I was a kid my favorite thing about Lulu was that she used cleverness and good nature to get the best of the boys. I grew up in the 50's, when girls were still excluded from many activities, such as sports. It was so nice to read Lulu comics, where the main character was a smart, funny girl. I especially liked the wonderful stories she made up for Alvin, in which the "poor little girl" who triumphed over witches and other scary situations was really Lulu herself.

Like many other kids, I lost my whole precious Lulu collection when I went away to college and my mother threw them out, not knowing that someday they would be worth a bundle. But I have re-bought copies of many of my favorites and also have the complete bound Little Lulu Library. Whenever I am depressed or ill I drag them out and read them. I will be 50 this year and Lulu is still one of my main role models!


November 12, 1999

I just love Little Lu Lu stories. My name is Patty and my favorite things are reading Lu Lu comic books and cartoons. My other favorite is my granddaughter, when about 3, calling her ulu - couldn't say Lu Lu.

November 8, 1999

Little Lulu does play a considerable part in the memories of my childhood. I remember going to the matinee at our local cinema on Saturdays. Herds of us would parade up and down the aisles (before the picture started), arms bursting with comics to swop. Little Lulu was always among the favourites.

The tales were always so beautifully innocent,  a complete juxtaposition  to these days filled with cynicism : but call me old fashioned. It was due to comics such as Little Lulu and Uncle Scrooge, that I became interested in Science Fiction and eventually became an illustrator for same.

November 7, 1999

My biggest obsession with Little Lulu was between 3rd and 5th grade. Once a week my mom would take me to the used book store in our town. They had tons of Little Lulus each one in a plastic sleeve and numbered with a price. I had to decide by the cover which one to pick. Gradually over the years I bought them all. It was so exciting to get new ones I couldn't wait to read them.

They still were making them new at the time but they were never as good as the old ones. I really want to go back and read them all again. Right now all I have time to do is buy the cute stuff on ebay. I have a two year old and another on the way....

November 5, 1999

My greatest memory is how my older brother and I would go to the drugstore (a combination of pharmacy, diner, candy store) and twirl the comics rack round and round. I'd always look for a "girl" comic instead of an action figure comic for boys. And as always, there was LL in her bright red dress, and simple cover art, inviting me in for a story. I'd quickly pick one up and hand it to my brother who'd add it to his own selections. He'd give the rack an extra twirl just to make sure I had a copy of all the new issues because sometimes there were two on display.

I'd follow him to the counter where he'd pay for them. Then we'd celebrate our little shopping spree by drinking cold sodas we dug out of the watery ice in the Coca Cola chest by the door. The guy at the counter would loudly hurry us along saying that we were "letting the cold out" of the ice chest! (He made us feel like we were little criminals just because the chest was deep and the sodas were all mixed up. After all, it took a minute to reach down, freeze your arms and find the right soda. We knew that, why didn't he?)

Anyway off we'd go, comics in hand, me swirling down a cherry PeeWee and my brother a 5 cent Coke. We were on our way back to the comfort of home, and that fleeting window of time in which anyone within the range of childhood was allowed the privilege of getting lost in their favorite colorful comics.

And you know, since there weren't any "girl" comics in those days that I remember, a Little Lulu comic meant a lot to me. It meant that I could read comics too, with my brother, flopped down on the cool floor with our little dog between us (who would soon fall asleep in the quiet of children lost in reading).

That's what I remember about Little Lulu. All that.

November 5, 1999
Michele Maki

I remember reading Little Lulu comics as a child at a small, neighborhood store, Burns Drug Store. I would usually go to the store on Saturday morning after receiving my allowance, along with one or more of my sisters and some of our friends. I would buy a 5 cent bottle of pop and then look on the comic book rack for a comic to read. I was always thrilled when there was a new Little Lulu comic, because that was my favorite.

I would take the comic and bottle of pop to the other section of the store where there was a large magazine rack, including a flat wooden seat covered with small stacks of magazines across the front of the rack that was about six feet long. We would all sit on that seat and read our comics, and when we finished we would get another comic to read. We never bought any of them.

I can't believe Mr. Burns let us read his comics there! We tried to be very quiet and not disruptive. We would always stand up right away whenever anyone came over to look for magazines. And we would always lift our feet off the ground when Mr. Burns came over with his big broom to sweep the floor (I wonder now if that was a hint for us to leave - if so, we never got it!).

One Saturday morning my sister Jeanie and I were anxious to read the comics, so we went to the store first thing in the morning after breakfast. When we got to the store, the door was locked! We couldn't understand it, because it was already about quarter after, so we figured Mr. Burns must have overslept. Because he and his family lived above the store, we began banging on the door and shouting, "Mr. Burns, open up!" We tried and tried to wake him up, but he didn't come to the door, so we finally gave up and went home. Imagine our surprise when we looked at the clock when we got home and it was only 8:30 instead of 9:30 as we thought it was! The store opened at 9:00. Poor Mr. Burns! I'm surprised he let us in the store when we returned later that day.

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