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February 26, 2001


Hi Michele:) I was so happy to come across your website devoted to Little Lulu. My memories of this favorite comic book character are rather unusual. I'm bilingual portuguese, and when I was a child back in the 70's, my mom and I would make regular trips to visit her family in Brazil where I was first introduced to Little Lulu after browsing through an older cousin's comic book collection one afternoon. I was barely 6 years old at the time and had just learned to read in school here in the states. Anyway, my mom and relatives got the surprise of their lives that day when they suddenly heard me reading the Little Lulu comics out loud in the living room. That was the first time I'd ever read anything in portuguese! Till this day I still don't know for sure how I did it, I just started sounding out the words like I'd learned in my phonics lessons back home, and everything somehow fell into place. Looking back I'm convinced that if it weren't for my love of these portuguese language versions of the Little Lulu comics, I never would've learned to read or write in portuguese. So I guess the fact that I'm fluent in both languages today can be attributed to Lulu and her friends:) Even today, every time I get out to Brazil I still buy Little Lulu comics which are reprints of the old Dell comics. I've saved every one of the issues I bought as a child in the 70's and early 80's although most of them are in pretty tattered condition. For some reason I never caught on to the english language versions as a kid, and for the longest time I assumed that Lulu and Tubby were Brazilian creations:) The comics that were sold here in the 70's weren't nearly as good as the ones I collected and until now I still can't relate to reading them in english. In case anyone's curious, the portuguese name for Little Lulu is "Luluzinha" and Tubby is "Bolinha" which translates literally as "little ball":) I was browsing through one of my comics just last night and came across the story where Tubby has a bizarre dream on Christmas night that he's trapped inside a little Easter egg inhabited by bunnies who have never heard of Santa Claus. Really cute story! Anyway, thanks for letting me share my memories of Lulu. I'd love to hear from other fans at the e-mail address listed above, and congratz to Michele for a terrific site!

February 26, 2001
Carol Lynn

I cannot believe this site- I guess I was not alone in my fond, grateful memories of Lulu comics, and the importance they have always had to me! I am not one for car decorating, but a tiny Lulu is the  only ornament on the dash of my red Honda! I have been smiling since Friday , when I found your site on my computer after work. It has been great fun reading the e-mails from others, and to know that I am not alone in my (hopefully ) healthy obsession with a memory of a story not in one of the few ragged issues I have left from my childhood collection. So far, my efforts to figure out how to go about finding the issue in which a story beginning I remember is  located has been no luck. Now- maybe you can help! I think it must have been in a Summer Fun issue- what I remember is fuzzy. Lulu and some of the others (maybe Annie??) are , I think, in a tent, perhaps in the dark... the conversation  is "Who?"....."Who said 'who'?"......"Who said 'who said who'?" (Note: See Questions and Answers for the issue this story is in - I sent it to Carol. DMM)

February 26, 2001

Someone asked me recently who my mentors have been.  I realized that I didn't have any real mentors, human ones anyway.  Suddenly Little Lulu popped into my mind.  She was the sassy little girl who always outsmarted the boys and adults too.  She got into trouble, but she always figured a way out.  She was a leader and a trickster.  I love her!   I wanted to be just like her--and I think I am.   My brother and I had a large collection of comic books growing up in the 40s and 50s. My favorite, bar none, was Little Lulu.  Oh how I wish I'd saved them!

I am about to create a Little Lulu doll to grace my workspace.  Also, I am in the beginning stages of a long term project to create a space in Portland, Oregon, for women (and occasionally men) to gather.  To do projects together.  To hang out.  To simply be.  I have lots of ideas how to use the space.  It is to be called Lulu's Loft.   Little Lulu is my inspiration.

February 26, 2001

I grew up in Managua, Nicaragua and read Little Lulu comic books in Spanish first.  Then I studied in the American-Nicaraguan School and read Little Lulus in English.  She was by far my most favorite comic book character.  I really appreciated reading your web page on Lulu.  Thanks for sharing. 

February 26, 2001
Kie Spring

If anyone is interested I have access to some Little LuLu charms from the late 70's. I recently came across a box of old charms a merchant was selling. He says he bought the box back in 1979 and most of the charms in it are from 1975-1979. They all say western Publ copyright on back. I have been selling them on Ebay if anyone is interested I would like to spread the word. I also have some Tubby Charms as well.

Thanks for spreading the word. Your web page was very helpful in researching the charms for me as I previously had no knowledge of who Lulu and Tubby was.

February 26, 2001
Argus Sventon

I'm Argus Sventon, a devoted cartoon fan.  Last spring, I started a web site devoted to cartoon distributors.
Featured on my cartoon distributors site is U.M.&M. T.V. Corp. Of course, many Little Lulu fans, who watched the 1940's Paramount Little Lulu cartoons on television and home video, have seen the words "U.M.&M. T.V. Corp." as well as the somewhat familiar blue shield.

For those who do not know what became of the Little Lulu cartoons, let me explain the story.
In the mid 1950's, Paramount Pictures sold most of their short subjects and cartoons to U.M.&M. T.V. Corp, a group of television stations.  U.M.&M. refilmed the titles of the Paramount cartoons and shorts, removing all references to Paramount, at the insistance of Paramount.

Not too long afterward, U.M.&M. was purchased by National Telefilm Associates, and NTA preserved the original titles to the Little Lulu, while blacking out the Paramount info, except for the Paramount logo itself.  For the Lulu cartoons, Famous Studios, the animation division of Paramount, had their logo superimposed on the Paramount logo. 

On my site, there is a comparision of the original titles to the U.M.&M. and NTA titles.  You can see how the cartoons were presented on television. All of the comparisons are from Little Lulu cartoons. In 1984, National Telefilm Associates changed their name to Republic Pictures.  And through several other buyouts, they were eventually bought out by Viacom.  The video rights are sub-licensed to Artisan Entertainment, although the Lulu cartoons are in the public domain, presumably through oversight by NTA. 

Thought your readers would like to know what happened to the Little Lulu cartoons.

February 26, 2001

I am so happy to have found your newsletter. Since I found it, I have ordered & recieved: Hollywood Ec (can't beleive he prints & mails those for free), Eden doll  and joke book (the doll is very nice & well worth the money). I would never have know about any of these things without your newsletter. I have also made a Lulu friend via of reading your newsletter & we are having a ball trading Lulu items! Keep up the good work!

January 12, 2001

A few co-workers and I were talking today at the office and somehow or another someone brought up Little Lulu and suddenly I was somewhere else!  My memories swept me away! I was born in 1957 so I was more familiar with the Little Lulu of the 60's.  I always looked forward to Sunday mornings and would tear open the comic section and read Little Lulu first!  I couldn't wait to find out what she was up to next!    Thank you for this most wonderful visit!

January 12, 2001

Have you by chance found a little lulu with a handerchief around her cheek??? It was Lulu, but a very early one.  I LOST A FRIENDS KERCHIEF FROM AROUND HER LULU! AND I'VE BEEN TRYING TO REPLACE IT. If you can post it on your website I would indeed be grateful.

January 12, 2001

I am VERY new to the world of new that so far I have only been brave enough to e-mail family, but here goes. Imagine my surprise & joy when I discovered your newsletter. I have had so mush fun reading about others & their love for Lulu. I am a self-employed artist. I make & sell my wares at local art/craft shows. I make dolls that look like Lulu in all shapes & sizes. You cannot imagine joy on faces when they see her in my booth! She's a great seller & always goes to a good home....people that love Lulu are all good people!

November 10, 2000

Thanks for the Little Lulu page.  I can't tell you what it brought back to me. I was born in 1945 and from the time I was 7 or so, Little Lulu was MY COMIC.  I loved her and still do.  I printed one of the Little Lulu portraits from your site and have it in a frame in my bedroom.  She was before her time.  Lulu didn't stand for unfairness, meanness or exclusion.  I believe she influenced my life.  I would be proud if anyone said they saw Lulu in me.  YOW!   Ice cream cake anyone?

November 10, 2000
Kathy Green

Someone sent me a link to your site.  It is great.  I remember never missing a Little Lulu and Tubby comic book when I was a kid.  I have been selling copies of a 1948 Lulu pattern on eBay, but bet there are lots of people who visit your site that would want one.  How would I go about putting my pattern on your site for sale?  Thanks, Kathy Green

November 4, 2000

Your site is fantastic!!! What a wonderful place to reminisce. I had a subscription to Little Lulu comics in the early 50's and maybe as far back as the late 40's, as I couldn't read and I remember how excited I was when they came in the mail and I could hardly wait until my Mom could read them to me. I LOVED Little Lulu. I just paid $13.50 for a comic. Probably more than all of my Little Lulu's cost back then. ) I wish I had kept my originals. ooooohhh!!! I am enjoying looking around your site and especially loved looking at the covers. Some of them REALLY look familiar. I can't wait to get the one I just bought. I think I am hooked. ) I've now also bought a L.L. doll pattern and I'm threatening to fill the house with L. L. dolls and comics. My husband is getting worried. ha.

November 4, 2000

I have enjoyed a lot of your Little Lulú page. When I was child and teenager (10 to 18 years old, from 1970 to 1978), Little Lulu was my favourite comic (I am now 40 years old!).  My son Daniel (6 years old) enjoys reading some of these old comic books published in 70´s. I have also a little girl, Verónica, two years old. I´m a journalist and my wife is a doctor. We live in La Coruña, in Galicia, in the north west corner of Spain, a region with celtic traditions and bilingual (Galician and Castillian both are spoken here).  I have several Little Lulu cartoons in 16 mm. purchased in the United States. The magazines sold in Spain were published in Mexico, by Organización Editorial Novaro. Could you tell me if I can buy reprints, in English or Spanish, of these very charming comics of the 70´s?  Few years ago, in Spain, other editorial published some modern Little Lulu comic books, but the plots and the drawings were very inferior quality.  Many thanks.

October 28, 2000

It sounds as though you and I may be roughly the same age. I was born in 1948 in North Dakota, and I too remember those nickel sodas.

I still have very fond memories of the deluxe, extra-thick editions of the Little Lulu halloween comics. As I recall they cost a quarter, which was one week's allowance. My sister, who is two years older than I, bought the halloween edition each year, and how they would stimulate my youthful imagination!

I remember one story in which the whole town was covered in snow, so Lulu and the gang arrived at each others homes by digging tunnels through the snow from house to house. The very idea was wonderful, as were the drawings. Perhaps that story was in a Christmas edition, but the halloween editions were easily my favorites.

I logged onto your web site hoping against hope that they might still be available, but it appears that, if they are, it is only at prices collectors would consider, such as $130.00. If you know of any other, cheaper alternatives, please advise. Otherwise my fond memories will have to suffice, and who knows ... perhaps that is best anyway.

I thank God for those memories, and for an innocent childhood that included Marge's Little Lulu.
All the best to you Michele!

September 18, 2000

A friend told me to check out your site on Peekskill and Lulu, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it.  I was born and raised in Peekskill and my ancestors have lived there since it was first settled.  It's nice to see Peekskill through someone else's eyes and spot things that we tend to overlook.  It is very interesting to see the connection to Lulu.  (Wilbur's house is now owned by Dr. John McGurty - a prominent figure in Peekskill). Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit back to Peekskill through you site.

September 18, 2000
Trina Robbins

Tomorrow night (Thursday, July 20) at the San Diego comic con, Friends of Lulu, an organization for women in comics (NOT a fan club) is holding their annual Lulu awards ceremony and electing Marge Henderson Buell to their Hall of Fame, and all Little Lulu fans are invited to attend our award ceremony and party, which will take place from 8 to 11PM in room 9 at the convention center. As said, we are not a fan club, but the plucky little girl who always stood up to the boys is the inspiration for our name. Thank you, Trina Robbins

(Editor's Note: See Friends of Lulu)

September 18, 2000

I've been reading your Little Lulu page, and am quite happy. When I was much younger, every weekend I would to buy all the Little Lulu comics that I could. Except that it wasn't called Little Lulu, but 'Luluzinha.' That's what it was called in Brazil.

That was about ten years ago, and since then the publication has ceased, and even if it hadn't, I don't live there anymore, so I couldn't buy it anyway. I've been looking forever for information on Luluzinha and Bolinha, but never under the English name. Once I figured out what my problem was, I found you in five minutes.

I think both versions are the same except for the colorization and the names. And perhaps we have some more stories, because those comics have been running since my father was a boy (in the forties), making about forty years of comics!

I still can't get used to 'Tubby' for Bolinha. Bolinha means something like 'little ball,'  and it's a much softer name for our overweight little friend, isn't it? And Carequinha (means 'little bald') also has a different name in English, I think.

The point of all this? Um, I still have half a pile of Luluzinha comics. I won't have access to them until december, but if you'd like the information, I could provide you with some. Also, I wanted to compare the stories (ie, did the gang ever go to Hawaii and Japan in the english version?).

Thanks a lot for the website! I thought Luluzinha had gone extinct.

September 18, 2000

I have been called "Lulu" since I was a kid in the 60s and nobody remembered why.  Unfortunately the only memorabilia I have is a "Lulu" coloring book until a big flood ruined it.  I tried looking for anything "Lulu" in book/toy/department stores here in the Philippines for years but unfortunately never saw any.  It was recently while getting ready to go to work when I saw "Lulu Show" back on cable so it became my "Good Morning" ritual.     I am very happy to have come across your very interesting friendly site in the internet and have added it to my "favorite" so l can easily come back to check your updates.  Thank you for sharing it with us.   I like Lulu's humor and find it cute that the smart little girl sometimes acts like an adult. 

September 1, 2000

My name is Chris and my memories of Little Lulu consist of a home made Little Lulu doll which my mother made for me for Christmas about 1947.. My brother tells me he remembers her making the dolls -one for me and one for my cousin Sharon. My doll has long since gone on to doll heaven but my cousin has recently found hers.  This was a moment of great excitement for all of us as my mother and I have looked for about 20 years for the pattern to make another one.  If anyone out there has a pattern for Little Lulu I would love to purchase a copy of it so I can replace my Lulu doll.  This would be wonderful for me as my mother recently passed away. Thank you for any help you may be able to give me in my quest. My e-mail is

August 3, 2000
Pamela Ross-Gilbertson,

I have loved Little Lulu since I was a little girl..(Shhh please don't tell anyone...I am 52 now). I remember before I could read I would look at the Lulu  comic pictures & try to figure out the story, I couldn't wait to learn to "read" the words & understand more.  Back then comics were supposed to be bad for children but Little Lulu helped to give me a love of reading that has stayed with me all of my life. (I  passed this love for reading & comics without meaning to on down to my son & now my grandchildren) . When I couldn't afford to buy a comic, if I was really good & careful with them, the  corner store owner would let me read the comics off his shelf, sometimes for hours at a time. The creativity,sensitivity & humor in the Marge's Lulu comics still fascinates me to this day.  Needless to say I am a very big Lulu fan as I see you are & would be very grateful if you could put me on the mailing list for her Fan Newsletter or any other interesting notifications mentioned on your web site. Thank You much!....   

August 3, 2000
Trina Robbins

Tomorrow night (Thursday, July 20) at the San Diego comic con, Friends of Lulu, an organization for women in comics (NOT a fan club) is holding their annual Lulu awards ceremony and electing Marge Henderson Buell to their Hall of Fame, and all Little Lulu fans are invited to attend our award ceremony and party, which will take place from 8 to 11 PM in room 9 at the convention center. As said, we are not a fan club, but the plucky little girl who always stood up to the boys is the inspiration for our name. Thank you, Trina Robbins

August 3, 2000

I found my first two Lulu books, the 'Aunt Lulu' ones, at a comic book convention in NYC, back in '95. Those were LITTLE LULU ON PARADE and LITTLE LULU AND HER PALS. They weren't cheap, but a couple of years later I found OH, LITTLE LULU for $25 at a used book store in Northern NJ. The Rand McNally book turned up last November at a convention in Ohio. I haven't tried e-bay yet. I guess I don't have any specific Lulu memories from childhood, except that it was one of the comics I grew up on, tho' it must have been the Gold Key reprints, as it would have been the early sixties, and I often noticed the words 'Reprinted by popular demand' on the first pages of stories. And the Famous Studios cartoons used to still be shown on TV. (I also had kind of a boyhood crush on Little Audrey, who was essentially Lulu's replacement at Famous. She wasn't a 'classic' like Lulu, but, from a kid's eye perspective, she was cute.) I just picked up the Potato Kids video. . . . I'll go check your site for the additions. Oh, by the way, I live across the river from Peekskill, Lulu-town NY. I went to see the Kingston trio there last year, probably at the same theatre Lulu might've seen live performers at in her world. Yours, Scott

August 3, 2000
Will Ravenel

I've worked up some Little Lulu smiling faces for y'all, inspired by one of your correspondents on your "LULU MEMORIES" page. Hers went something like this    8:<)   This is my own version of hers    8=<) Then there's Lulu with a chaw of tobacco   8=<T    Lulu yelling at Tubby   8B<O   OK, that one's kind of a stretch. No, I don't have anything better to do. Finally here's Lulu last night after a couple of cold ones     8;<P   Respectfully submitted by Will Ravenel

August 3, 2000

One of my most prized possessions is a copy of the 1957 Lulu and Tubby at Summer Camp that I paid $25 for about 12 years ago (having paid as many cents for a long-extinct copy at the time) only "rare" comic book.  

August 3, 2000

I also love Little Lulu.  There was just something about Little Lulu that made me feel good.  I have managed to get a few of the comic books, about 10. Thats not many but I'm not a serious collector.  I just have fond memories of reading her stories. 

August 3, 2000

I don't know if this piece of information is of interest to you, but in the early 60's a Brazilian group called Trio Esperanca had a hit with a song called "A Festa do Bolinha" - "Tubby's Party". The lyrics went something like this:

Yesterday I went to a party
At Tubby's house
I must confess I didn't like
Gloria's manners
Exchanging kisses with Wilber
In the back yard
But the love interlude
Did not last long
As Tubby got jealous
And caused a mess
Annie tripped
And dropped some glasses
And Tubby's house turned into hell

Tubby proved to be quite jealous
And also not to like Lulu
Silly girl, still crying for him
With so many pretty boys in the room
Little Lulu happened to fancy Tubby of all kids

August 3, 2000
Alix Dobkin

My mother threw out all my Lulu comics when she & my father moved from a house to an apt. My current collection is sparse but treasured....  Presently I live in Oakland, California, but my heart is in the Catskills, where I lived for 20 years in the Woodstock area.  I'm so proud that Lulu is a Hudson Valley Girl, like me.... I thought you might be interested in a recent column of mine which runs 2x a month in Chicago OUTLINES & is called, Minstrel Blood. 

In a 1956 excerpt from her Sept Diry, Little Lulu declares, "I don't like people who ask you what you think of something and when you tell them the truth they are mad at you."       

That's my girl!  Lulu was a role model who demonstrated self confidence and sticking up for yourself.  Smart and 100% girl- identified Lulu is fiercely loyal to her best girlfriend Annie. When Gloria insults Annie's "hair-do", Lulu defends her with, "Annie doesn't have a hair-do, she has a hair-don't because she don't do a thing with it."     

Many of you might not be familiar with tough, resourceful Lulu, fountain of practical schemes and creative solutions, source of timeless wit and astonishing wisdom, champion of justice.  Lulu might not have taught me to be a Lesbian, but she didn't hurt.  You see, Lulu is about as good as a girl can hope to get.  Only occassionally did the boldfaced "BAW" burst from the gaping "O" mouth beneath her pointy little nose after a (usually undeserved) spanking.  No, Lulu's not perfect, but I can't think of anything I'd change about her.      

Little Lulu ruled the 40's and 50's.  Mom, too, was a great fan, and for many years she'd send in one dollar for twelve issues and present me with a subscription for my birthday.  We'd both eagerly await its arrival and would cackle together when we read it at bedtime.  "You're not a human bean yet", Lulu explains to her friend Tubby.  "You're only a kid...sort of a kidney bean."  She cracked us up! . . . .

Memories are continued on Little Lulu Memories III

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