Scandinavian Frogs - Sweden

I took a trip to Scandinavia in August 1997 with my husband and found some wonderful frogs! Here are some of the frogs I found in Sweden. You may click on the thumbnail to see a larger version.

This is a postcard that was drawn by the daughter of a woman who had a booth at the Water Festival in Stockholm.

This is the first of three pictures that I bought from a small shop in Stockholm.

Here are the other two pictures I bought in Sweden.


I found a Swedish comic book that had some pictures of frogs. The frogs are small, so I didn't make thumbnails, but you can open the pictures of the comics with frogs below: If anyone can supply translations, I would love to add them to this page! Thanks, Maria Lindstrand in Sweden, for the translations you sent!! Thanks, John, for letting me know the Trasket comic strip I found in Sweden is translated from English and is originally an Australian strip called Swamp.


#1 (Top): "Trasket", means The swamp; "Nar grodor reser..." = When frogs travel...; "Tull" = Customs, luggage control (Bottom): I hope tinfood is OK... I didnīt have time to go the garbage dump today...

#2 At the same time on the other side of the galaxy...

#3 What? Oh, sorry... What was the question again?                  I asked "Do you think I flaunt my high age?"

#4 "Soptipp" = garbage dump                "Det lusar" = lice

#5 (The car brings frozen flies instead of icecream to your doorstep)


Please click here to see frogs from Finland and Norway.

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