Frog Photos

Here are various photos with frogs. Included is my first known photo of a frog which I have from my high school days. Also included are photos of my grandson Ryan in his frog shirt and by a frog sign a the Brookfield Zoo. There are also some photos sent to me to add to my frog page by frog fans. Also included are my Czech frogs.

Frog Hat This is my nephew's son wearing a frog hat.

First Frog Photo I took this picture in 1960 along the Hennepin Canal near the Rock River in Milan, Illinois. The Rock River Bridge is in the background. I believe it is my first frog photo.

Prep's Frog This photo was taken for me by my son's friend Preps. It was taken at camp in Upper Michigan when he was there with John. I had a different photo here, but discovered that I had the wrong photo. Following is the photo I had here, which is one that I took up at camp.

My Frog This is the photo I took of a frog up in upper Michigan.

Czech Frogs I took a trip to the Czech Republic in May, 1996. I took a few photos of frog items in Bohemia, and I bought a small painting of a frog from a merchant on the Charles Bridge in Prague. Check out my Czech Frogs!

Frog Hug Here is a picture of my grandson Ryan in a t-shirt with a frog giving him a hug.

Frog Zoo Here is another picture of Ryan at the Brookfield Zoo in front of a frog sign.

Frog Temple Here are some photos of the Frog Temple created by my friend Izumi in Japan.


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