Rockland Falls

Location: Brandywine Creek State Park, Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware

Water Source: Brandywine Creek


Flow: Year

Directions: The falls are on the edge of Brandywine Creek State Park near the old mill.

Notes: I had a time finding this waterfall in Wilmington. After asking directions several times, I believe it is on the edge of Brandywine Creek State Park (the sign in front of the old mill says that); the bridge in the picture of the old mill crosses Brandywine Creek. Someone mentioned Adams Dam Road - the falls may flow over Adams Dam?? The falls are visible upstream from the bridge (to the right in the photo). The street sign in the photo above is near the small parking area near the trail that leads into the park. At first I walked along the trail into the park for about a mile looking for the falls, but then when I returned to the entrance and walked out to the bridge I could see them there. I assume the name of the falls is Rockland Falls from the name on the street sign nearby. To the right of the falls that flow over the dam is where the water was diverted to the mill.

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