Can I Get a Candy?


Chandramohan from India has written some Little Lulu stories, and he sent one of them to me so I could add it to my website. The story was printed in a recent issue of The HoLLywood Eclectern.

Can I get a Candy?

 God can not be every where, so he created mother. But mothers can not be everywhere where her children go. That is why mothers are puzzled by their children's activities. So was Tubby's mother. She was wondering with the exam far off, What he was doing with lot of Books? She appreciated him with his bookwork.

Tubby was very busy in his Father's library. It contained from pocketsize dictionary to giant size Encyclopedia. He was searching for a word in each and every book. First he took the dictionary. He read the meaning, ''Candy means shaped pieces of cooked and flavoured sugar syrup etc with fruit juices, milk, nuts etc., added". After that he was browsing several other books. He took a Book of Quotation.  He read “YOU CAN IF YOU CAN”. He once again read "you can get candy if you can". Why Tubby is interested in candy?

It all started when Westside Gang celebrated Mike's Birthday with lot of candies. But none of Tubby's friend's had birthday in the near future. His pocket was empty without coins. So he was searching for ways to find candy in books. After the ‘Book of Quotations’, he began to read the Titles of other books - "10 simple ways to success”, “51 Secrets to become Popular”, “100 ways to become Rich”. Just then Lulu came. He said to her “There is no Book for me”.  Lulu enquired “What book do you want?”. He said, "I am not able to get the book “100 ways to get candy!” Lulu replied “No such book has been published. It is yet to be written”. Tubby was stumbed. Lulu suggested “Why don’t you write the Book ‘100 ways to get candy’?" Tubby interrupted her “100 ways! No! Think Bigger! I am going to write “1000 ways to get candy”.

Alvin and Iggie came to see Tubby. Iggie brought something, which was covered by a cloth. Everyone was very anxious to see what it was. Iggie took the cloth off. It was Tubby who said “Candy Tin, OH! Beautiful!!”. All were happy to see the colourful tin. Iggie opened the tin. He took a handful from that can. Suddenly the wind blew and the things in Iggie’s hand began to fly. Alvin, Iggie and Lulu picked them except Tubby. Tubby was angry. “Is this a Trick, Iggie?” Iggie said, “This is the collection of candy wrappers my uncle gave me. He presented this tin and wrappers to me. Lulu sorted the wrappers. She said, “Look at these so many colours so many designs and pictures. It is a good collection of candy wrappers.” But, Tubby replied, “Can we eat it??”

To please the mood of Tubby, Alvin gave a packet to him. Looking at the packet Tubby said, “Alvin, you too have joined with him?” Alvin said, “This is a packet of flower seeds, when you sow these they will grow and give you beautiful flowers.” Tubby said,” First Iggie brought an empty candy tin. Like a Magician he covered with cloth and brought it. Now you have brought a packet of seeds. I want only candy.” Iggie said, “If these seeds grow and give us candy by magic, it will be nice.” Every one was brightened by Iggie’s words. Iggie said, “If these seeds germinate and grew in our field, we will plant these in one acre.” Tubby interrupted him, “Why one acre? We will plant in 1000 acres. Alvin said, “Those candy fruits must be in Vanilla, Apple tastes also.” Lulu questioned, “What will you do with your harvest?” Iggie said, “We will send to schools.” Tubby said, “Why harvesting problem? We will invite schools and let them enjoy by plucking directly from the trees and eat them.” Lulu said, “you have gone to the imaginary world of candy farm.” Tubby said, “Instead of these school, exam, lesson and competition, we have gone to imaginary world.” On hearing this Lulu said, “Tubby, wait for me.” And she vanished.

Lulu came back with a handful of candy. First she gave some to Tubby and said, “You deserve this.” Tubby questioned her, “This is not your birthday, then why are you giving us candy.” Lulu said, “Next week there is a competition at the school on a science day. I am going to write this candy farm as my article. In the last paragraph, I am going to join the words, “IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE – by ALBERT EINSTEIN”. Tubby said, “You are going to get first prize, what about me?” Lulu said, “You told me that you are going to write the book “1000 ways to get candy”. This is one way, Give ideas to your friends, they will give you candy. The balance 999 ways, find them yourself.” Tubby smiled and replied, “Who care about 999 ways and the book. I have got candy that is enough!” and all of them laughed.


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