1972-1975 Little Lulu Items Produced Under Western Copyright

1972-1975 Hundreds of Little Lulu items entered the mass market with Marge's name dropped from the title, and a new logo appeared after Western bought all rights to Little Lulu. Items included books, puzzles, games, dolls, paper dolls, party items, banks, figurines, china, wall plaques, umbrellas, plastic dishware, jewelry, play sets, playing cards, greeting cards, musical mugs, compacts party favors, card toys, "magic slates," radios, inflatable toys. These items were produced by Whitman, Hallmark, Gund, Horsman, Random House, Lamari, Chilton, Sani Toys, Colorforms, and other subsidiaries of Western Publishing.

Colorforms: Little Lulu Dress-Up Set

Whitman: Paper Dolls

Whitman: Books

Whitman: Puzzles

Hallmark: Party Items

Bucky: Squeaky Toys



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