Aristoquakes Masterpieces of Frog-Art XCVIII

I have received some Masterpieces of Frog-Art pictures created by Roland in the likeness of other artists. I have permission to put them on my frog web site. These images are Copyright (C) 2003: All rights reserved by R.W.Aristoquakes. You may click on the thumbnails to view a larger version of these pictures.

David Teniers, Dutch, 1650

Thoma, Germany, 1834-1924

Victor Tischler, Germany, 1921

William Henry Toms, England, 1700-1750

Edward Topsel, Germany, 1658

Tomi Ungerer, Germany

G. Vasari, Italy, 1615

Adrian van de Vennen, Dutch, 1623

Jan van Vianen, Dutch, 1712

Claes Junsz Visscher, Dutch, c. 1600

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