High Falls

Water Source
Towaliga River
Georgia, Monroe County, just east of I-75
Follow the signs to the falls from I-75 exit 198, on High Falls Road.
The trail to the falls is across the highway from the parking lot. It is easy to follow. There is another trail on the other side of the river that leads to a viewing platform.
Other Information
I visited High Falls years ago and again on 23 January 2007. The falls begin just below the highway, and continue down several tiers of rocks along the trail.
The first photos above are taken from the parking lot, looking upstream. The second row of photos are taken from the beginning of the walk down along the falls. The firs three photos in the last row were taken from the trail on the other side of the river down to the viewing platform on that side of the river. The last photo was taken from the bridge looking downstream.
My original photo is at the bottom of this page.






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