Cumberland Falls

Water Source
Cumberland River
60 foot drop, 125 foot width
Kentucky, Whitley County, northwest of Williamsburg in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park located in the Daniel Boone National Forest about 15 miles west of I-75 off route 90.

If traveling south on I-75 take exit 25; if traveling north on I-75 take exit 15.

There was a short walk from the parking lot to the falls. Steps and additional walkways were available for walking to see the falls from various views.
Other Information
The state park brochure gives the following description of Cumberland Falls:

"Known as the 'Niagara of the South,' the waterfall forms a 125-foot wide curtain that plunges 60 feet into the bolder-strewn gorge below. The mist of Cumberland Falls creates the magic of the moonbow, only visible on a clear night during a full moon. This unique phenomenon appears nowhere else in the Western Hemisphere!"

Unfortunately, I was not there on a clear night during a full moon!

Cumberland Falls is a very impressive waterfall, and well worth the trip in to the state park. There was a gift shop and a place for eating fnear the falls.

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