Greenstone Falls

Water Source:
Little Carp River
6 foot drop
Porcupine Mountains State Park
Go south on South Boundary Road (from M-107 about 2.5 miles west of Silver City) for about 18 miles to the Little Carp River Road. Turn right on to the Little Carp River Road and go .5 miles to a parking area.
From the parking area cross the river on the foot bridge and follow the marked trail about 3/4 milr to the falls. (The directions in the Michigan Waterfall book tell you to take the trail up the left bank rather than crossing the foot bridge. However, when I was there in 1997 the trail was closed just beyond the Overlooked Falls on the left bank. Rather than approaching Greenstone Falls from the top of the gorge as the book indicates, you approach it from near the falls and can take the trail down to the foot of the falls.)
Other Information:
The trail is closed just beyond the falls.
Other Photo:
Here's another photo of Greenstone Falls from farther downstream.
See Overlooked Falls which can be reached from the same parking area.

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