Chicagon Falls

Iron County
Water Source:
Chicagon Creek
3 foot drop, then 20 foot slide down flat chute
6 miles northwest of Crystal Falls
Please Note this message sent to me 1/27/2000:
Hi I was reviewing your falls site and wandered upon the Chicagon Falls comments.  You need to amend this site ASAP.  Mrs. Minsky's daughter Mary sold part of the property at the end of Long Lake to a woman who cherishes her privacy.  The road at the end of the lake is now on her property and she guards it with guns.  You can no longer access the falls this way.  You need to continue on to a road further around on the west side of the lake where the area has been logged.  There is a "Y" section of this road when it meets Long Lake road so if you miss it the first time, take the second entrance.  This is public domain so nobody will hassle you.
Most of us that grew up on the lake and attempted to take our children to the falls via the private property have had very dangerous encounters with the new owner; some looking down the barrel of a shot gun.... Needless to say, you need to warn those looking into your web site of the dangers.
Here are my old directions:
From US-2 west of Crystal Falls, follow the directions as given on the information from Bewabic State Park as follow: "Travel west sixth-tenths (sic) of a mile from the entrance of Bewabic State Park to Long Lake Road. Once on Long Lake Road drive 3.3 miles to the north side of the lake. There you will find a two track road on the right hand side of the road. There will be a tree stump with yellow paint on it. Drive in 1/4 mile and park by the gravel pit. The trail to the falls is marked with yellow paint and is 1 mile long." (When I was there, the yellow paint marking the road was not on a tree stump but rather on a tree.) Apparently you don't want to turn in this road (the two track road on the right hand side of the road), but continue around the lake as indicated in the message above.
Please note: the trail will be different if you follow the directions from the message above. I don't know what that trail is like. Here is a copy of the map showing the trail to the falls. The trail, more like a dirt road, was not too difficult to follow, however I missed one turn and went about 1/2 mile before realizing I was on the wrong trail.
Other Information:
There is a small stream that the trail crosses to a small island and the view of the falls upstream. There is another small island with only a tree on it that gives a better view of the falls. It was easy to get to by jumping across a narrow stream (not the main creek).
It was fun walking around the small island to view the falls - and especially nice after working so hard to tind the falls!

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