Hawaiian Waterfalls

My grandson Ryan was born in Hawaii in 1985, so of course I had to go there to see him - three times. Unfortunately, I was not yet actively seeking waterfalls to photograph, although I was drawn to them and did visit two waterfalls when we were on Oahu.

Waimea Falls

Waimea Falls is located in Waimea Falls Park along the northwest shore of Oahu. Here are several pictures of the waterfall. In the first picture, Ryan is in the stroller, being pushed by his mother, my daughter Denise. Waimea Falls is in the background. The second picture shows a diver beginning a dive into the water below the falls. The third is the front of a brochure from the park. Finally, there is a map from the brochure showing the location of Waimea Falls Park.


Waterfall in Polynesian Village

I don't know the name of this waterfall, but it is located in the Polynesian Village on Oahu.

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