Superior Falls

Water Source
Montreal River
Gogebic County, 14 miles northwest of Ironwood
45 foot drop, with rapids upstream - about 75 foot total drop
Take Wisconsin highway 122 north from US-2 about 11 miles west of Ironwood and go about 4.5 miles to a bridge across the Montreal River. Cross the bridge (you are now back in Michigan) and turn left onto the second gravel road. Follow it to a power station, and park your car there. There is a sign to a view of the falls to the left.
Follow the short path to the left to view the falls, which is across the river and drops and then flows out to Lake Superior.
Other Information
After viewing the falls from the bluff by the power station, I followed a trail to the right of the power station which led to a trail (more like a road) marked "Access to Montreal River/Lake Suerior" down the hill to Lake Superior. I went down to the lake, and spoke with a fisherman who showed me a trail along the left bank of the river, behind the power station building, and into a basin just across the river from the falls. The photo above is from that basin.
Note: As I was driving from Superior Falls, just before the Wisconsin border, I saw a black bear cross the road. I didn't have time to get my camera out for a photo :-( , but I did take a picture of a wooden bear, which looked like the bear I saw, at a shop farther down the road. Here's a picture of that wooden bear:
Other Photo
Here's a photo of Superior Falls from the top of the bluff to the left of the power station.

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