Neepikon Falls

Water Source
Black River
Gogebic County, 2 miles north of Ramsay
Several small drops and rapids are along hundreds of feet of the river
Go west on US-2 from the traffic signal in Wakefield for 2.2 miles to Blackjack Road. Go north (right) on Blackjack Road to a pumping station (Northern Ratural Gas. C..) less than a mile up the road on the right.
"In a clearing across the road, follow the pipeline down to the river. Before you reach the river, the trail ends and you must go through some thick underbrush to reach the banks. The falls is located about an eighth of a mile upstream from where the pipeline crosses the river." (Michigan Waterfalls, Penrose)
Other Information
(Note: Now I'm almost sure this is not Neepikon Falls from the description of the falls as small drops and rapids that was given in Michigan Waterfalls by Penrose.)

I'm not sure this picture is Neepikon Falls. It may be part of Gabro Falls. I followed the directions, which were to go down the hill from the highway and walk a little upstream, but I found nothing. Then I went the other direction, and I found this huge waterfall.

However, when I then went to Gabro Falls to take another picture, I realized I was just across the river from where I saw what I considered to be Neepikon Falls. So I'm not sure about this one.

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