Waterfalls from Friends VI

I have some waterfall photos that were sent to me from friends. You may click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the waterfalls.

Waterfalls in Oregon

Here are some photos of waterfalls that were taken and sent to me by David (FallsguyD@webtv.net )

Munson Creek Falls -- Coast Range


Salt Creek (1)  Southern Cascade Range


Salt Creek Falls (2)


South Falls --- Silver Falls State Park ("The one that's on all the calenders")


Upper North Falls (Don't they have imaginative names!?)   Silver Falls State Park


North Falls   - Silver Falls State Park 


Sheppard's Dell Falls (spelling IS correct)  Columbia River Gorge.  Not a famous one (impossible to see all of it) but my personal favorite.


Latourell Falls  - (lichens = the yellow) 


Bridal Veil Falls - Columbia River Gorge...An exposure toughie!


The famous  Multnomah Falls. Second highest continually running falls in the US. Slighty different from the calender view. 


Horsetail Falls -- Columbia River Gorge area.


Wahkeena Falls - Columbia River Gorge

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