Waterfalls in the Czech Republic

I took at trip to the Czech Republic in June 2006 to visit my ancestral villages. There were two small waterfalls that I saw along the way. I was not in the area of larger falls, so if anyone has photos of them, I would love to add them to this page.

Photos I took:

Waterfall in Okor

I found this small waterfall in the village of Okor where we stayed at the hotel. On the walk from the hotel to the castle ruins on the edge of the village there was a small stream with this waterfall. Below are photos of the waterfall and the castle ruins in the evening light and the following morning.


Waterfall in Jesenice

I found this small watefall in a little park in the village while looking for the church where my grandfather was baptized in 1876. Below are photos of the small waterfall, the church, and the baptismal font that was in use at the time my grandfather was baptized.

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