Tannery Falls

Water Source
Tannery Creek
Munising, Alger County
40 foot drop
The trail on the south side of the river is "easy walking on high ground all the way to the falls", according to Penrose, whereas the trail behind an abandoned house just to the north of the trailhead and river was a "mucky quagmire most of the way."
Where M-28 makes a 90-degree turn in Munising, go east on H-58 (Munising Avenue) about 1 1/4 mile to the intersection with Washington Street, on the left. Just beyond that intersection, park on the right (south) side of H-58 across from a short blacktop road on the left that joins H-58 and Washington Street. The trail to the falls begins directly across H-58 from that connecting road.
Other Information
According to Penroses' A Guide to 199 Michigan Waterfalls, "Tannery Falls has always been a beautiful falls but, under private ownership, was closed to the public for many years. Thanks to the Michigan Nature Association - which purchased the land surrounding Tannery Falls and created a public nature preserve, which also includes nearby Memorial Falls - it is open to the public once again."
The book also states that Tannery Falls is also called Rudy M. Olson Memorial Falls.

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