Silver Bell Falls

My photo of Silver Ball Falls did not turn out - it was too dark. I forgot my camera and purchased a disposable camera to use, and it didn't work as well as my camera.

Water Source
Nelson Creek
30 foot drop
7.5 miles northwest of Chatham
Take Rock River Road from Chatham (where M-94 makes a 90 degree turn). Go 3 miles, cross the Rock River, and go about .1 mile to USFS-2276. Turn left onto USFS-2276 and go about 3.6 miles to where it jogs sharply left. Continue straight for .9 miles to an iron gate which crosses the road. Begin the mile walk at the gate.
Begin the mile walk at the gate. After about 10 minutes the road forks: follow the right fork straight ahead, past a small parking area on the right to where the road turns into a trail. Continue straight ahead on the trail over 2 culverts to the falls, about 50 feet farther, on the right.
Other Information
I followed the directions in the Michigan Waterfall book. I wasn't sure along the way if I was on the right road, but I found the gate, the road straight ahead, and finally the parking area, so I continued. The falls were easy to find from the road. Since it had been so dry this summer, the falls was very small - barely a trickle. My photo didn't turn out - it was too dark. I did find another small falls just before coming to the taller falls, at the spot of the second culvert. My photo of that falls is barely visible.
When I stopped my car to get out to walk to the falls, the bugs were thick flying around the car. I was hesitant to get out, but did so and quickly found some ferns to use as a fan to keep the bugs away. They didn't bite or sting, just flew around my head.
I had not visited this falls before because my son had cautioned me about the road without a 4 wheel drive because the road was so bad. However, because it had been so dry I decided to try it. It was passable, but a little tricky in spots. I don't think I would have taken it if it had been wet.
On the way up Rock River Road after visiting the falls, I saw a deer along the road. It was a nice ending to that adventure.

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