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Do you know the name of this waterfall? If so, please contact Tabitha.
I need to know the name of a waterfall that I visited on Kauai 15 years ago. It was about 25 feet high, 40 feet long, dropped in to a small lagoon (similar to Gilligan's island), and due to natural erosion you could slide down the waters pathway over the edge of the fall, only to climb the rock face back to the top to do it again. It was very secluded, however, there were a handful of people enjoying it as well. I have pictures yet the fall, to this day, remains nameless. Can you help? TabithaOverton@yahoo.com

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Page last updated 11 August 2000.
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We identified the waterfall through a global effort. Want to know what it was? Click here. Can you help identify this waterfall? It's a little over 100 feet tall. If you know what it is, please e-mail me at dmmaki@maki.simplenet.com You may click on the image to see a larger version.

The waterfall is Seljalandsfoss located in Iceland. Here's how we found it. Per, from Sweden, sent an e-mail and said it looked like an unidentified Iceland waterfall he found on the Internet. That waterfall was on a web site created by a geologist in Ohio, U.S.A. I sent an e-mail to the geologist, and he said he didn't know the name of the falls, but that it was located on the south coast of Iceland along the ring road - between the two small ice caps on the southeast corner of the country. A subsequent seearch for Iceland Waterfalls led to a web page from Germany http://www.marco-riedel.de/PHOTOS/iceland/seljalandsfoss.html that had a similar photo of the waterfall, with the name Seljalandsfoss.

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Welcome to my Waterfall Page!

I have enjoyed waterfalls for several years, and like to find them and take pictures of them. Most of the waterfalls I have looked for are in Upper Michigan, although I have taken pictures of waterfalls in other places as well.

I have included in this waterfall page some of my pictures of these waterfalls. I have also included some information about the waterfalls. In addition, I have included a few of the adventures I have had while seeking some of these waterfalls, like the time I slid into the creek.

If you like waterfalls, I hope you enjoy viewing these.



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Comments? I hope you enjoy my Waterfall Page and learn something of interest to you. If you have any comments, please send them to my address below.

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