Little Lulu and Her Magic Tricks Sheet Music

The sheet music for the song Little Lulu and her Magic Tricks, Robins Music Corporation, copyright Marjorie H. Buell, 1954, words by Marshall Baker, adapted by Jimmy Carroll, has five verses and the chorus. (Click on the image for a larger version.)The words are as follow:


Little Lulu knows a trick or two,
Little Lulu's tricks are fun to do.
Little Lulu wants to share the fun
And show you how they're done.

1. I fill a paper bag with air
But first make sure it has no tear,
Then when it's all blown up I stop
And bang! It makes a lovely pop.


2. A soda bottle I have found
Can make a steamboat whistle sound,
Blow into the top and just pretend
The steamboat's comint 'round the bend.


3. To make your own trombone at home
stretch tissue paper across the comb,
Then hum a tune through the comb like so
(hum) hm______________________


4. Place drinking glasses in a row
Put water in them high and low,
So every glass has a different tone
It will sound just like a xylophone.


5. Little Lulu wants to show you how
to put them all together now,
With glasses, bottles, bag and comb
You'll have a four piece band at home.

Chorus: (Last line)
And now that you know how they're done
Come on and join the fun.

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