Frog Postcards Saying "Please Write"

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These postcards ask the recipient to write. The first one was sent from California August 13, 1912. The other three were never mailed.

"I will surely croak if I do not hear from you."

"Why don't you write before I croak!!"

"I was feeling Pretty blue While a longing, dear, for you, When I saw a little frog With his head above the bog; Perhaps he's listening, Hoping too, Wishing he might hear from you; And the note of cheer I caught, Gave me, dear, A Happy Thought."

"Never see the sunshine, all I get is rain - or find a four leaf clover, tho' I look in vain I never have a bit of luck - guess I never will - why not have a heart and write and give a guy a thrill?"


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